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CROP-- Aedes_aegypti

Warming linked to spread of zika virus

5 February, 2016 – Scientists believe that record average temperatures may be helping to create an environment that has led to big increases in the number of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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Investors tip balance towards renewables

4 February, 2016 – With investment in renewable electricity sources now outstripping polluting fossil fuels, a new study sees signs of change in global attitudes towards climate risks.

floods thames

Human impacts fuel weather extremes

3 February, 2016 – Researchers show that floods and droughts often happen at least in part because of human-induced influences on the climate, and not just from natural causes.

woolly monkey
Lagothrix lagothricha
Family Cebidae
rainforest hike to canopy bridge
San Regio, Peru

Hunting mammals adds to forest fragility

1 February, 2016 – The Amazon forests’ large mammals play a key role in maintaining the ecosystem that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and helps to slow climate change.

Interstate 10 windfarm

Renewables offer quick fix for US emissions

31 January, 2016 – Scientists say interstate energy “highways” would allow current wind and solar technologies to deliver electricity where and when it’s needed throughout the US.

cloudy ice cap

Cloud blanket warms up melting icecap

30 January, 2016 – New study shows that up to 30% of the Greenland icecap melting is due to cloud cover that is helping to raise temperatures − and accelerate sea level rise.


Seeds of doubt over iron boost for algae

28 January, 2016 – New research suggests that fertilising oceans with iron to increase growth of algae that absorb CO2 is not the hoped-for answer to reducing global warming.


Solar club builds up powerful alliance 

27 January, 2016 − Indian and French leaders fulfil pledges made at the Paris climate talks to help 122 solar-rich nations reach their potential in renewable energy production.

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