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CROP- antarctic elephant seals

Seals reveal mysteries of Antarctic sea ice

27 August, 2016 – In Antarctic winter conditions too harsh for research scientists, elephant seals fitted with sensors have collected ocean system data that raises climate change concerns.

CROP-biodiversity Congo basin

Human footprint trails biodiversity pressures

26 August, 2016 – Scientists find that impacts of population growth on the planet’s biodiversity aren’t generally as bad as feared – but are intensifying rapidly in species-rich areas.

CROP -- Yak_asian carbon

Asian carbon finds its way home

25 August, 2016 – India and China have good reason to cut their greenhouse emissions, scientists say: soot they are producing is damaging their own water resources.

Rocinha_rio's green olympics

Rio’s green Olympics prove too pale

24 August, 2016 – Brazil proclaimed that it would be hosting Rio’s green Olympics. Despite some bright spots, the result was disappointing, our Brazil correspondent says.


Marshes beat droughts with mussel power

23 August, 2016 – Co-operation between species can make ecosystems more resilient, so that marshes beat droughts far faster than they could otherwise, US scientists find.

CROP-- rock-solid carbon storage

Rock-solid carbon storage hopes rise

20 August, 2016 – Study of natural carbon dioxide reservoirs shows that the greenhouse gas could be safely stored deep in rock formations for tens of thousands of years.

CROP -- smart TV

Internet energy impacts on climate

19 August 2016 – New research warns that the growing reliance on smart technologies is leading to a rapid rise in internet energy demand that will push up carbon dioxide emissions.

CROP-- citrus groves

Climate change raises deadly health risks

18 August, 2016 – Reduced production of fruit and vegetables as climate change impacts on agriculture could substantially increase dietary and weight-related factors that contribute to so many deaths worldwide.

CROP-- syrian refugees

Scientists link conflict and climate change

17 August, 2015 − New research demonstrates scientifically that armed conflict in ethnically-divided societies could be connected to climate-related extremes of heat or drought.

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