Climate targets emissions

Next decade critical for climate targets

2 May, 2017 – European researchers stress urgency of tackling global warming to meet climate targets, and say the goal of a less than 2°C rise may be unrealistic.

Brazil Amazon boys road

Brazil slashes environment budget

20 April, 2017 – Drastic cuts to the environment ministry of Brazil and the approval of anti-environment laws will jeopardise the country’s fulfilment of the Paris Agreement targets.

nuclear sunset

Nuclear giants limp towards extinction

14 April, 2017 – Cost overruns and delays are pushing the nuclear industry into a financial black hole that threatens any future expansion.


Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever

2 April, 2017 – Global use of irreplaceable groundwater is exhausting the supply so fast that researchers say it will drive up food prices and hit international trade.

Trump climate change

US budget broadside on climate change

21 March, 2017 – Donald Trump’s proposed budget for next year would devastate science programmes aimed at combating the impacts of climate change.


Maldives tourist haven faces new threat

18 March, 2017 – Climate change and a $10bn-dollar development scheme in the Maldives pose double danger for the Indian Ocean tourist paradise.

Costs of coastal climate damage set to climb

12 March, 2017 – Europe can expect mounting coastal climate damage during this century, scientists say, with similar problems affecting the rest of the world as well.

gold mining

Rainforest pays high price for gold mining

10 March, 2017 – Destruction of the Guiana Shield’s tropical rainforest in South America is linked to increased gold mining as the precious metal’s price rises.

human impacts

Inequalities fuel human impacts on climate

28 February, 2017 – Scientists seek precision research tools to measure how human impacts and inequalities will feed back into future climate change.


Europe’s tough line on shipping emissions

25 February, 2017 − Shipping industry is ordered to reduce its climate-damaging CO2 emissions in European waters or face trading charges.

China crowd people

China trumps US on climate change

23 February, 2017 – UK environmental campaigner Bryony Worthington says China’s positive action on climate change is much more significant than Donald Trump’s threat to exit the Paris agreement.