China crowd people

China trumps US on climate change

23 February, 2017 – UK environmental campaigner Bryony Worthington says China’s positive action on climate change is much more significant than Donald Trump’s threat to exit the Paris agreement.

Climate impact means uneven UK wind power costs

12 February, 2017 – London and south-east Britain will be the losers as climate change exerts a regional impact on UK wind power costs, researchers say.

Sun US bridge air conditioning

Air conditioning drains US power supply

10 February, 2017 – As the world heats up so too will the need for air conditioning, but America’s electricity grid could struggle to meet demand, say US scientists.

rice production

Seawater dents delta rice production

4 February, 2017 – Saltwater intrusion exacerbated by climate change is hitting rice production in vulnerable delta regions and threatens to cause food shortages.

US wheat crop

US faces ‘abrupt and substantial’ crop losses

19 January, 2017 – Rising temperatures will lead to massive crop losses in the US, which will increase prices and cause problems for developing countries, says international study.

Philadelphia global warming

Global warming will hit US northeast hard

18 January, 2017 – US scientists provide new reality check for Donald Trump on the combined stresses of global warming and the rising costs of water.

Nuclear towers China

Time and money run out for nuclear revival

11 January, 2017 – Nuclear industry faces uncertain future as the building boom instigated by the need for low-carbon electricity is hit by unexpected costs and delays.

Obama climate clean energy

Barack Obama: clean energy is here to stay

10 January, 2017 – Days before his presidential term ends, Obama expresses his belief in the ‘irreversible shift’ to clean energy and urges Donald Trump to confront climate change.

Palm oil seed

Investor waves goodbye to palm oil

4 January, 2017 – Major US financial firm starts to divest itself of palm oil plantations in a move that it is hoped other investors will follow.

Urban cropland loss puts harvests at risk

1 January, 2017 – Soils face a global threat as population pressure, human development and swelling cities lead to mounting cropland loss.

african cropland

African cropland heading for food deficit

31 December, 2016 – New research warns it will be almost impossible for African cropland to feed the continent by 2050 without massive changes to farming.