Philadelphia global warming

Global warming will hit US northeast hard

18 January, 2017 – US scientists provide new reality check for Donald Trump on the combined stresses of global warming and the rising costs of water.

Nuclear towers China

Time and money run out for nuclear revival

11 January, 2017 – Nuclear industry faces uncertain future as the building boom instigated by the need for low-carbon electricity is hit by unexpected costs and delays.

Obama climate clean energy

Barack Obama: clean energy is here to stay

10 January, 2017 – Days before his presidential term ends, Obama expresses his belief in the ‘irreversible shift’ to clean energy and urges Donald Trump to confront climate change.

Palm oil seed

Investor waves goodbye to palm oil

4 January, 2017 – Major US financial firm starts to divest itself of palm oil plantations in a move that it is hoped other investors will follow.

Urban cropland loss puts harvests at risk

1 January, 2017 – Soils face a global threat as population pressure, human development and swelling cities lead to mounting cropland loss.

african cropland

African cropland heading for food deficit

31 December, 2016 – New research warns it will be almost impossible for African cropland to feed the continent by 2050 without massive changes to farming.

fish catches

Paris warming limit will increase fish catches

30 December, 2016 – Scientists calculate that global fish catches could rise by millions of tonnes a year if nations stick to the Paris Agreement on global warming.


Online calculator cuts farms’ emissions

26 December, 2016 – An internet tool is now available that helps to quantify and control farms’ greenhouse emissions released during the crop production cycle.

coffee beans

Coffee belt feels climate squeeze

18 December, 2016 – Small-scale farmers who produce most of the world’s coffee beans face reductions in crop yield and quality as a result of rising temperatures and extreme weather.

floods york

Record rains scuttle UK floods strategy

5 December, 2016 − The floods that hit the UK last winter were the most extreme on record – and they may be a sign of worse to come.

nuclear power

Taxpayers face bill for nuclear crisis

2 December, 2016 − Nuclear giant EDF could be heading towards bankruptcy, yet the French and UK governments are turning a blind eye to the looming financial crisis.