carbon budget

Water and soil muddy carbon budget thinking

4 March, 2017 – New research on soil, ponds and lakes means a rethink is needed on how to help tackle climate change by balancing the carbon budget.

human impacts

Inequalities fuel human impacts on climate

28 February, 2017 – Scientists seek precision research tools to measure how human impacts and inequalities will feed back into future climate change.

snow cover

Low snow cover threatens Swiss ski resorts

27 February, 2017 – The effects of continued global warming on Alpine snow cover could have a devastating impact on Switzerland’s winter sports industry.

Climate shrinks Colorado River flow

LONDON, 26 February, 2017 – One of the longest US waterways, the Colorado River, has lost 20% of its flow since the year 2000, with the changing climate mostly responsible.


Europe’s tough line on shipping emissions

25 February, 2017 − Shipping industry is ordered to reduce its climate-damaging CO2 emissions in European waters or face trading charges.

China crowd people

China trumps US on climate change

23 February, 2017 – UK environmental campaigner Bryony Worthington says China’s positive action on climate change is much more significant than Donald Trump’s threat to exit the Paris agreement.

solar energy

Solar energy powers sustainable solutions

20 February, 2017 – Entrepreneurs bringing solar energy systems to farms in developing countries challenge for sustainability charity’s prestigious awards.

peatland radishes

Radishes give a taster of peatland benefits

18 February, 2017 – UK researchers show how raising the water table can improve crop yields, reduce the loss of peatland soils and help cut CO2 emissions.

factory farming rio carnival

Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

16 February, 2017 – A musical protest at the Rio carnival will stress the damaging impacts of factory farming on indigenous people and on global warming.

African penguin climate change

Birds caught in climate change traps

15 February, 2017 – Problems created by climate change are a survival threat to bird species from the coast of southern Africa to the desert regions of the US.

aircon fossil fuels

Fossil fuels bypass is not science fiction

14 February, 2017 – Innovative ideas by scientists and engineers to combat climate change build up a picture of what the world could be like without fossil fuels.