rice field greenhouse gas

Scientists take on greenhouse gas challenge

5 May, 2017 – Ingenuity in laboratories worldwide is harnessing microbes, water and hot air to produce different types of renewable energy from greenhouse gas.

Oceans algae Dinophysis

Stark warning on health of oceans

4 May 2017 – A combination of acidification and global warming could be turning oceans toxic and threatens to destabilise the balance of marine life, say US marine scientists.

Climate targets emissions

Next decade critical for climate targets

2 May, 2017 – European researchers stress urgency of tackling global warming to meet climate targets, and say the goal of a less than 2°C rise may be unrealistic.

River Nile people collecting water

Climate change will alter flow of River Nile

1 May, 2017 – The 400 million people who depend on the predictability of the River Nile face an uncertain future as global warming delivers more extreme weather.

nitrite pollution

Nitrite pollution puts warming waters at risk

30 April, 2017 – Nitrite pollution caused by rising temperatures is changing the chemistry of coastal waters, threatening more algal blooms and zones devoid of fish.

Coral reefs Molokini crater near Maui

Sea floor erosion causes coral reefs to sink

28 April, 2017 – Five US coral reefs are sinking beneath the waves due to the erosion of the sea floor, robbing coastal communities of their natural storm barrier.

Sun shining - warming slowdown

Warming slowdown dismissed by top scientist

26 April, 2017 – Much of the public and scientific discussion around a slowdown, or hiatus, in the rate of global warming has been misguided, says prominent climatologist.

Drylands Burkina Faso woman cart delivering firewood

Drylands will suffer if world reaches 2°C

25 April, 2017 – Subtropical drylands heat up far quicker than humid climates, so the global temperature must be kept below the 2°C target to avoid serious consequences.

Hangzhou bicycle stand China

Free bicycles reducing pollution in China

24 April, 2017 – Innovative bicycle schemes in China and India are tackling chronic air pollution problems and congestion by encouraging people to stop using cars.

criminals' carbon footprint

Criminals leave much smaller carbon footprint

23 April, 2017 − New study shows that a huge reduction in the carbon footprint of UK criminals equates to about 10% of the nation’s annual emissions.

Trees Maryland

Living trees are unlikely source of methane

21 April, 2017 – Scientists have long been aware of a forest’s ability to absorb carbon, but a new US study has discovered trees that emit methane.