climate change

Complacency threatens climate change action

6 April, 2017 – Leading climate change scientist warns that it isn’t only oil companies undermining hopes of meeting targets to limit global warming.

American farmland farmers

America’s farmers face uncertain future

5 April, 2017 – New research indicates that climate change will wreak havoc on farmers in America as they struggle to adapt to the rapid increase in heat.

monkeys and viruses

Brazil monkey deaths signal spread of viruses

4 April, 2017 – Climate change and deforestation in Brazil help mosquitoes spread viruses to humans and endangered species of monkeys.

extreme heat

Extreme heat threat rises for megacities

3 April 2017 – Scientists warn that even a modest rise in average global temperatures will put millions of city dwellers at greater risk from extreme heat.

Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

1 April, 2017 – Leading scientists say a carbon law requiring CO2 emissions to be halved every decade could drastically cut global warming – and is a feasible prospect.

New era

A new era dawns and it won’t be human-friendly

31 March, 2017 – Human mistreatment of the planet is ushering in another era and it is not going to be pleasant, according to Clive Hamilton’s lastest book.

soil microbes

Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

28 March, 2017 − Scientific studies cast new light on the complex role soil microbes play in affecting ecosystems, atmospheric carbon levels and the climate.

energy efficiency

Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

27 March, 2017 − Improving organisations’ sustainability and energy efficiency is reducing electricity use and carbon emissions far more than expected.


Clean energy comes home to the Amazon

26 March, 2017 – The irony of the Amazon, often known as the lungs of the world, being choked by smoke from diesel-powered generators may soon be at an end, as Brazil plans to develop the use of renewable energy in the region.


Warming shrinks prospects for mammals

25 March, 2017 – Fossils from around 56 million years ago warn of the dwarfing effect that dramatic global warming can have on mammal species.

reefs great barrier reef

World’s reefs damaged beyond repair

24 March, 2017 – Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and reefs in the Maldives have been dangerously weakened by coral bleaching caused by global warming and El Niño events.