Warming linked to Storm Harvey devastation

31 August, 2017 – Experts warn that while climate change did not cause the storm engulfing Texas, the destructiveness of Harvey has almost certainly been intensified by global warming.

Overlooked flood risks put many in danger

27 August, 2017 – Governments and insurance companies are failing to educate people on how to avoid flood risks, which are increasing as the climate warms.

Life-saving fossil fuel phase-out can work

25 August, 2017 – A pollution-free world driven by renewable energy is possible, say scientists with a plan for a fossil fuel phase-out for 139 countries.

Brazilian downpours oust familiar drizzle

19 August, 2017 – Misty rain is giving way to fear of flash floods as Brazilian downpours cause chaos in the country’s biggest city.

Climate warms the Earth, not chance

14 August, 2017 – Recent record year temperatures show how climate warms the Earth. Without global warming, such a sequence would have been highly improbable.

Climate change is triple risk to Europe

13 August, 2017 – New studies confirm climate change’s triple risk to Europe. The heat is on, lives are at risk and the floods are arriving earlier.

Nutrition will suffer as warming affects diet

5 August, 2017 – By 2050, heat waves, floods and other climate change effects won’t be the only worry. There’s also the evidence that warming affects diet.

Warmer, wetter world faces lethal future

3 August, 2017 – The thermometer rises, the air becomes saturated, and the warmer, wetter world turns potentially lethal. By 2100, billions could be in danger.

Women take control of solar revolution

1 August, 2017 – The solar revolution is reaching the remotest parts of the world and changing the lives of women otherwise trapped in poverty.

More investors will spurn fossil fuels

30 July, 2017 – Oil and gas shares offer diminishing returns, and more investors will spurn fossil fuels, though finding a new home for their money is not easy.

Geo-engineers propose climate compromise

27 July, 2017 – Humans have unintentionally changed the world and turned up the temperature. A climate compromise might turn down the heat.