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CROP--turbine blade

Wind and air’s hope for new energy

7 February, 2016 – Science can now make energy by building immense wind turbine blades and filtering carbon from the air, but the challenge is commercial viability.

CROP -- windturbine

Investors tip balance towards renewables

4 February, 2016 – With investment in renewable electricity sources now outstripping polluting fossil fuels, a new study sees signs of change in global attitudes towards climate risks.


Useful waste offers win-win benefits

2 February, 2016 – An unsung success story in the switch to renewable energy is the use of waste to produce gas – and a valuable by-product.


Solar club builds up powerful alliance 

27 January, 2016 − Indian and French leaders fulfil pledges made at the Paris climate talks to help 122 solar-rich nations reach their potential in renewable energy production.

CROP -- barrow ships

Plutonium’s global problems are piling up 

22 January, 2016 − Increasing worldwide stockpiles of surplus plutonium are becoming a political embarrassment, a worrying security risk, and a hidden extra cost to the nuclear industry.

carbon capture

Carbon capture plans need urgent aid

21 January, 2016 − Call for governments to give financial backing for technology that could help save the world from overheating by preventing CO2 escaping into the atmosphere.


Grasses’ growing role for American cars

17 January, 2016 – Second-generation biofuel made from natural grass species challenges ethanol derived from maize crops as the US seeks to reduce its fossil fuel use.

hydrogen bus

Science opens routes to energy recycling

14 January, 2016 – From turning carbon dioxide into a fuel to enabling cars to run on water, scientific researchers worldwide are unlocking the potential of new energy sources.

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