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CROP--fukushima damage

Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

2 May, 2016 – Analysts in Tokyo say Japan needs to base its energy policy and nuclear safety on international scientific co-operation if it is to make the right decisions and prosper.

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Chernobyl marks 30 rancorous years

26 April, 2016 – Bitter arguments rage on about the nuclear industry after the catastrophic loss of trust when the Chernobyl and Fukushima reactors met their spectacular and lethal ends.

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Climate deniers get a reality check

19 April, 2016 – Despite aggressive attempts to convince the public otherwise, new analysis of the vast body of research shows 97% of scientists agree that human activities are fuelling climate change.

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Nuclear costs in uncharted territory

18 April, 2016 − As some governments press on with new nuclear installations to address climate change, a multi-billion dollar industry will be needed to make safe old power plants and their hazardous waste.


Investors warned: Forget fossil fuels

14 April, 2016 − Historic change heralded as investors are told they face losing their money if they continue to back the fossil fuel industry that is causing disastrous global warming.

Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Combined Cycle Thermo-Solar Power Plant

Call for Saudis to be a solar power

13 April, 2016 − Saudi Arabia says it plans to be less dependent on oil revenues in future – but will it grasp the opportunity to become a world leader in solar energy?


Big push for small nuclear reactors

11 April, 2016 – Global nuclear companies are meeting this week to discuss licensing the controversial small modular reactors that are costing billions of dollars to develop and would be sited near towns.

Renewable energy demands the undoable

27 March, 2016 – Switching to renewable energy as fast as the world needs to will require changes so massive that they are unlikely to happen, scientists say.


Politicians push nuclear ‘poison pill’

21 March, 2016 – The economics of nuclear power in Europe are in meltdown, leaving taxpayers facing a heavy burden as the industry clings to pledges of huge public cash injections.

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Efficient answers to climate concerns

20 March, 2016 – European Commission research suggests energy efficiency can become a “niche” market that will attract investors away from fossil fuels.

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