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Taxpayers face bill for nuclear crisis

2 December, 2016 − Nuclear giant EDF could be heading towards bankruptcy, yet the French and UK governments are turning a blind eye to the looming financial crisis.


Smart fabric creates renewable energy

14 November, 2016 – Scientists have developed a revolutionary fabric that can harvest electrical energy from the wearer’s movements and the sun.


American Muslims ditch fossil fuels

11 November, 2016 – An influential group of American Muslims announces its commitment to end investment in fossil fuels and urges its partners to follow suit.


Electric floor sparks power from footfalls

29 October, 2016 – In a new burst of inventiveness in developing renewable energy, scientists have found how to generate electricity from people walking on an electric floor.

Gas leaks

Gas leaks fuel climate change

26 September, 2016 – Gas leaks from pipelines and wells are a source of methane emissions that could be easily fixed.


US faces megadroughts and superstorms

25 October, 2016 – New studies warn that megadroughts and superstorms could become regular events in the US if if burning fossil fuels continues.

nuclear hinkley

UK opens world nuclear showroom

23 October, 2016 − Nuclear power companies from across the world are jumping at the chance to build their new reactors in the UK.

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