Norwegian king escaping on skis snow

Norway saves skiing with climate-friendly snow

11 February, 2017 – The production of artificial snow that heats buildings is Norway’s response to the rising temperatures that threaten the country’s favourite sport.

Sun US bridge air conditioning

Air conditioning drains US power supply

10 February, 2017 – As the world heats up so too will the need for air conditioning, but America’s electricity grid could struggle to meet demand, say US scientists.

Dutch train electric renewable

European trains go down renewable route

9 February, 2017 – Electric trains in the Netherlands have relied entirely on renewable energy since 1 January, and now the UK and Belgium are following in their tracks.

methane emissions

Oil’s methane emissions higher than feared

6 February, 2017 – New study shows that oil production can result in methane emissions up to twice as high as estimated by ‘simplistic’ data collection systems.

Global warming Banksy grafitti

UK must not cool stance on global warming

2 February, 2017 – World-renowned British scientist Martin Rees has urged the UK government to prioritise global warming, and warns of the danger of not taking urgent action.

domestic wind turbines

Wind turbines head for homes again

1 February, 2017 – Cutting-edge research helps revive European plans for many homes to have their own wind turbines as part of a clean energy revolution.

Video demand drives up global CO2 emissions

31 January, 2017 – Sitting back and watching your favourite streamed TV series may seem harmless enough – but video demand is leaving a hefty carbon footprint.

Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

29 January, 2017 – Small-scale hydro schemes can transform the lives of remote communities and cut carbon emissions, but they need high-level support.

Carbon emissions airport

Westerners urged to reduce carbon footprint

21 January, 2017 – Top UK climate scientist says global carbon emissions could be cut by a third within a year if well-off westerners changed their lifestyle.

Pripyat nuclear solar pic

Solar power to rise from nuclear ashes

12 January, 2017 – Chinese companies plan to spend $1 billion over the next two years building a giant solar farm on land contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Nuclear towers China

Time and money run out for nuclear revival

11 January, 2017 – Nuclear industry faces uncertain future as the building boom instigated by the need for low-carbon electricity is hit by unexpected costs and delays.