Thermal imaging energy

Green energy tips good for business

20 May, 2017 – Big charities and businesses are cutting costs while protecting the planet by sharing energy-saving ideas such as using seawater to heat buildings.

Energy efficiency cars

Bigger isn’t better for energy savings

19 May, 2017 – The desire for more spacious cars and houses is cancelling out energy savings made by environmentally friendly improvements to heating and transport.

nuclear industry waste

UK nuclear industry faces Brexit fall-out

17 May, 2017 – Leaving the EU treaty that prevents radioactive waste falling into the wrong hands could prove costly for the UK nuclear industry.

oil industry

Oil industry power is slithering away

13 May, 2017 – With oil prices remaining low, hopes of combating climate change through emissions reduction are improving as the oil industry shrinks.

nuclear waste

Nuclear waste problems start gold rush

8 May, 2017 − Staggering sums of money involved in the long-term challenge of solving the world’s nuclear waste problems make it a booming business.

nuclear sunset

Nuclear giants limp towards extinction

14 April, 2017 – Cost overruns and delays are pushing the nuclear industry into a financial black hole that threatens any future expansion.

Carbon law could make Paris promise a reality

1 April, 2017 – Leading scientists say a carbon law requiring CO2 emissions to be halved every decade could drastically cut global warming – and is a feasible prospect.

energy efficiency

Quiet revolution cuts energy consumption

27 March, 2017 − Improving organisations’ sustainability and energy efficiency is reducing electricity use and carbon emissions far more than expected.


Clean energy comes home to the Amazon

26 March, 2017 – The irony of the Amazon, often known as the lungs of the world, being choked by smoke from diesel-powered generators may soon be at an end, as Brazil plans to develop the use of renewable energy in the region.

Science seeks to slice bread’s climate impact

6 March, 2017 – It may be a staple of many national diets, but bread’s climate impact, mainly through its dependence on fertilisers, is massive, researchers find.

Tidal lagoon graphic

UK tidal project could spark global revolution

22 February, 2017 – The UK is poised to exploit tidal energy, a new renewable source that is cheaper than nuclear and more reliable than wind.