Cold war spurred Arctic climate research

28 January, 2017 – Western post-war scientific studies in the Arctic were primarily driven by military concerns about Soviet activities in the region.

May urged to melt Trump’s climate doubts

27 January, 2017 – A British scientist says the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, should try to dispel Donald Trump’s climate doubts at their meeting today.

Trump seeks to gag US scientists

26 January, 2017 – The new administration headed by President Donald Trump is limiting the ability of some US scientists to share their findings openly.

Climate change dust storm

Climate change caused Middle East dust storm

24 January, 2017 – The reason for the giant 2015 dust storm in the Middle East was climate change, not the Syrian conflict, and more could follow.

Hottest year 2016 sun rays

Human actions caused 2016’s record heat

20 January, 2017 – As climate change doubter Donald Trump is inaugurated as president of the US, 2016 is officially declared the hottest year on record.

US wheat crop

US faces ‘abrupt and substantial’ crop losses

19 January, 2017 – Rising temperatures will lead to massive crop losses in the US, which will increase prices and cause problems for developing countries, says international study.

Roads pic of road

New map reveals how roads devastate nature

17 January, 2017 – Scientists call for urgent protection of ecologically valuable roadless areas as map shows that roads lead to loss of biodiversity and damage to ecosystems.

Pripyat nuclear solar pic

Solar power to rise from nuclear ashes

12 January, 2017 – Chinese companies plan to spend $1 billion over the next two years building a giant solar farm on land contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Louisiana flood 2016

Flood and hurricane risk varies widely across US

7 January, 2017 – New evidence based on groundwater and stream flow reveals mixed messages for the United States, as flood and hurricane frequency depends on region.


Climate link to glacier retreat now irrefutable

23 December, 2016 – By studying evidence of the retreat of glaciers around the globe over a period of a century, scientists believe they have found an irrefutable link to climate change.

local extinctions tropical flower

Global warming already causing local extinctions

20 December, 2016 – Local extinctions due to global warming have occurred in almost half of plant and animal species, new research reveals, with the tropics experiencing the most pronounced loss.