factory farming rio carnival

Samba drums up opposition to factory farming

16 February, 2017 – A musical protest at the Rio carnival will stress the damaging impacts of factory farming on indigenous people and on global warming.

Small-scale hydro makes a big difference

29 January, 2017 – Small-scale hydro schemes can transform the lives of remote communities and cut carbon emissions, but they need high-level support.

Urban cropland loss puts harvests at risk

1 January, 2017 – Soils face a global threat as population pressure, human development and swelling cities lead to mounting cropland loss.

african cropland

African cropland heading for food deficit

31 December, 2016 – New research warns it will be almost impossible for African cropland to feed the continent by 2050 without massive changes to farming.

Heat hits wheat yields per field

28 November, 2016 − As demand for grain increases to feed a rising population, scientists warn that global warming could seriously reduce wheat productivity.

Bolivia glaciers

Bolivian water crisis as glaciers vanish

26 November, 2016 − Bolivia has declared a state of emergency as climate impacts shrink glaciers and leave cities without water.


Cities suffer climate impacts in silence

19 November, 2016 − As the world continues to warm, cities are housing ever greater numbers − yet they have no voice in climate talks.

global warming hurricane matthew

Record losses as global warming worsens

15 November, 2016 − While governments continue to negotiate on climate change, meteorological scientists warn that the global warming situation is rapidly deteriorating.

Iraq’s skies darken as Isis torches oil

28 October, 2016 – With many civilians likely to die in the conflict in Iraq and Syria, the fighting also threatens the environment as Isis torches oil wells.


Global ‘bright spots’ offer climate hope

15 October, 2016 – Scientists show how humans can improve poor people’s lives by reversing practices that destroy the environment and fuel climate change.

insects fried crickets

Tasty insects benefit poor and climate

13 October, 2016 − New research shows how nutrient-rich insects can make a big contribution to diet in poor countries – and help in the fight against climate change.