Forests key to mitigating climate change

9 March, 2017 – Drought and unsustainable practices are placing forests at risk, yet they are crucial to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel global warming.

Human impact on Amazon is nothing new

8 March, 2017 – New studies show the effect of climate change on fish in the Amazon, and find evidence that human impact on the rainforest goes back thousands of years.

US wildfires

Most US wildfires started by humans

7 March, 2017 – Between 1992 and 2012, humans were more responsible than natural causes for wildfires in the US, due to population growth, urban expansion and global warming.

Regular Ice Age pattern shows how we got here

LONDON, 5 March, 2017 – How much summer sunlight strikes the Earth’s far north helps to reveal when an Ice Age will occur, scientists say, aiding understanding of human history.

Amazon rainforest trees

Legislators attempt to mine Amazon’s riches

2 March, 2017 – WWF-Brazil fears that a bill to open up more than 1 million hectares of protected Amazon rainforest is to facilitate industrial mining in the region.

Spring blossom

Spring moving forward at record rate

1 March, 2017 – The northern hemisphere is experiencing a much earlier spring due to global warming, causing problems for plants and wildlife as the natural cycle goes out of sync.

Climate’s muted wildlife extinction threat

19 February, 2017 – Biologists warn that the effects of climate change on wild creatures are creating a much greater extinction threat than policymakers realise.

African penguin climate change

Birds caught in climate change traps

15 February, 2017 – Problems created by climate change are a survival threat to bird species from the coast of southern Africa to the desert regions of the US.

Wildfires NSW Australia

Extreme wildfires set to increase by up to 50%

8 February, 2017 – New research predicts that global warming will cause a massive rise in global wildfires, particularly on Australia’s east coast and in the Mediterranean basin.

Mountains global warming Bernese Alps

World’s mountains threatened by climate change

7 February, 2017 – Global warming is fundamentally altering mountains across the world, forcing treelines to migrate up the slopes and making ecosystems more vulnerable.

Laos forest

Dramatic acceleration in loss of wild forest

25 January, 2017 – Almost 1 million square kilometres of natural forest disappeared between the year 2000 and 2013, along with its ability to absorb carbon and reduce warming.