Trees Maryland

Living trees are unlikely source of methane

21 April, 2017 – Scientists have long been aware of a forest’s ability to absorb carbon, but a new US study has discovered trees that emit methane.

Brazil Amazon boys road

Brazil slashes environment budget

20 April, 2017 – Drastic cuts to the environment ministry of Brazil and the approval of anti-environment laws will jeopardise the country’s fulfilment of the Paris Agreement targets.


Harvesting fertiliser from ‘bionic’ leaves

16 April, 2017 – Scientists working on artificial photosynthesis have adapted their “bionic leaf” so it can turn sunlight, water and air into fertiliser.


Forests offer cool way to ease climate fears

10 April, 2017 – New global database of trees affirms the need for greater conservation and protection of forests to slow the pace of global warming.

American farmland farmers

America’s farmers face uncertain future

5 April, 2017 – New research indicates that climate change will wreak havoc on farmers in America as they struggle to adapt to the rapid increase in heat.

Dead Sea drought

Dead Sea warns of unprecedented drought

29 March, 2017 – A 30-metre layer of salt discovered beneath the Dead Sea reveals drought worse than any in human history – and it could happen again.

soil microbes

Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

28 March, 2017 − Scientific studies cast new light on the complex role soil microbes play in affecting ecosystems, atmospheric carbon levels and the climate.


Warming shrinks prospects for mammals

25 March, 2017 – Fossils from around 56 million years ago warn of the dwarfing effect that dramatic global warming can have on mammal species.


Grassland lab raises species loss alarm

20 March, 2017 – Field experiment on a special area of US grassland shows how climate change could disrupt the delicate life cycle of ecosystems.

Amazon rainforest monkey

Cyclic drought threatens to destabilise Amazon

16 March, 2017 – A dangerous mix of human-caused devastation and cyclic drought could start a vicious circle of forest dieback in the Amazon.

gold mining

Rainforest pays high price for gold mining

10 March, 2017 – Destruction of the Guiana Shield’s tropical rainforest in South America is linked to increased gold mining as the precious metal’s price rises.