Swiss trees swelter as climate warms

16 August, 2017 – Foresters are being urged to plant tree species resilient to climate change to save the timber industry as Swiss trees swelter.

Drought’s lingering death may beat rains’ return

15 August, 2017 – A climate hazard that doesn’t disappear when the rainclouds gather, drought’s lingering death can delay recovery a very long time.

Paying for forests has multiple benefits

6 August, 2017 – Paying for forests conserves a vital world resource. But somebody must pay the locals a tangible share of the intangible global gains.

Ocean warmth predicts US drought and fire risk

29 July, 2017 – Ocean cycles help to determine US drought and fire risk in several western states, with global warming adding to their severity.

Computer census aids declining palm trees

28 July, 2017 – Concerned that palm trees vital to his home country are vanishing in large numbers, a scientist has devised how to count them for conservation.

Small cost can keep African forests safe

26 July, 2017 – Forests are more valuable standing than cleared. US economists have found how to subsidise protecting African forests at the village level.

Hungry aardvarks show wider climate impact

20 July, 2017 – When the food source fails, the hunter too is at risk. Africa’s hungry aardvarks offer a lesson in climate hazards.

Earth’s indestructible survivor: It’s not us

16 July, 2017 – Climate change could be bad news for humans. But there is one indestructible survivor which will live through even a catastrophe.

Extinction gathers pace as species vanish

12 July, 2017 – Planet Earth is undergoing a “great extinction,” researchers say – and we need to worry much more about the annihilation of biology.

Iranian cave warns of 10,000 years of drought

11 July, 2017 – Climate history locked in stalagmite evidence warns of 10,000 years of drought – about 100 centuries – to come in the Middle East.

Wildlife faces climate’s survival and sex problems

9 July, 2017 – Climate change is likely to bring bad times for many bee species, and tricky sex problems for marine turtles too.