alpine flowers

Future looks rocky for alpine flowers

15 May, 2017 – Scientists warn that alpine flowers and plants could face extinction as warming forces them higher up into hostile rocky mountain terrain.


Eyes show that stress reduces climate concern

14 May, 2017 – An eye-tracking study shows that stress levels affect how much attention people pay to climate change imagery, even if they are supportive of environmental issues.

Sun shining hiatus global warming

‘Hiatus’ has no effect on climate predictions

12 May, 2017 – Swiss climatologists dismiss the long-term effect of a ‘hiatus’ in the latest contribution to a long-running debate about a slowdown in global warming.


Amazon’s Indians and rainforest under attack

9 May, 2017 − Attacks on Amazon Indians and on their land rights are threatening vital areas of rainforest indigenous people have preserved for centuries.

Climate change brings more Sahel storms

7 May, 2017 – The warming climate is upsetting rainfall patterns and the frequency of flooding in West Africa as it makes the region’s Sahel storms three times likelier.

River Nile people collecting water

Climate change will alter flow of River Nile

1 May, 2017 – The 400 million people who depend on the predictability of the River Nile face an uncertain future as global warming delivers more extreme weather.

Ice - Earth won't freeze

Why Earth will never freeze over

29 April, 2017 – The discovery of a biological mechanism that halts rapid global cooling suggests the Earth can protect itself from a complete deep freeze.

Sun shining - warming slowdown

Warming slowdown dismissed by top scientist

26 April, 2017 – Much of the public and scientific discussion around a slowdown, or hiatus, in the rate of global warming has been misguided, says prominent climatologist.

Drylands Burkina Faso woman cart delivering firewood

Drylands will suffer if world reaches 2°C

25 April, 2017 – Subtropical drylands heat up far quicker than humid climates, so the global temperature must be kept below the 2°C target to avoid serious consequences.

Trees Maryland

Living trees are unlikely source of methane

21 April, 2017 – Scientists have long been aware of a forest’s ability to absorb carbon, but a new US study has discovered trees that emit methane.

Brazil Amazon boys road

Brazil slashes environment budget

20 April, 2017 – Drastic cuts to the environment ministry of Brazil and the approval of anti-environment laws will jeopardise the country’s fulfilment of the Paris Agreement targets.