Wildfires NSW Australia

Extreme wildfires set to increase by up to 50%

8 February, 2017 – New research predicts that global warming will cause a massive rise in global wildfires, particularly on Australia’s east coast and in the Mediterranean basin.

Mountains global warming Bernese Alps

World’s mountains threatened by climate change

7 February, 2017 – Global warming is fundamentally altering mountains across the world, forcing treelines to migrate up the slopes and making ecosystems more vulnerable.

Laos forest

Dramatic acceleration in loss of wild forest

25 January, 2017 – Almost 1 million square kilometres of natural forest disappeared between the year 2000 and 2013, along with its ability to absorb carbon and reduce warming.

Climate change dust storm

Climate change caused Middle East dust storm

24 January, 2017 – The reason for the giant 2015 dust storm in the Middle East was climate change, not the Syrian conflict, and more could follow.

Roads pic of road

New map reveals how roads devastate nature

17 January, 2017 – Scientists call for urgent protection of ecologically valuable roadless areas as map shows that roads lead to loss of biodiversity and damage to ecosystems.

Vast carbon sink found in Congo basin

15 January, 2017 – A carbon sink as large as 20 years’ worth of US fossil fuel emissions has been identified in peatland in central Africa’s forests.

Global warming brent geese

Warming’s mixed effects on migratory animals

13 January, 2017 – New studies on beluga whales and Brent geese reveal that they respond to global warming in conflicting ways, making species survival hard to predict.

Louisiana flood 2016

Flood and hurricane risk varies widely across US

7 January, 2017 – New evidence based on groundwater and stream flow reveals mixed messages for the United States, as flood and hurricane frequency depends on region.

Palm oil seed

Investor waves goodbye to palm oil

4 January, 2017 – Major US financial firm starts to divest itself of palm oil plantations in a move that it is hoped other investors will follow.

Himalayan rhododendron

Himalayan bloom brings spring forward

2 January, 2017 – The flowering season of the Himalayan rhododendron has moved forward by three months in response to climate change.

golden jackal

Jackal adopts warmer Bohemian lifestyle

28 December, 2016 – Czech camera traps capture first evidence of new golden jackal settlement as ongoing climate change brings shifts in species distributions.