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climate impacts Fiji

No going back now on climate action

21 November, 2016 − Whatever policies the US comes up with on climate change under the Trump presidency, the rest of the world intends to continue trying to save the planet.

emissions Paris Agreement

Monitoring is key to cutting emissions

17 November, 2016 − Pledges to reduce emissions and tackle climate change are important, but a new study says making sure they are actually carried through is vital.


Trumped up climate history is bunk

16 November, 2016 − Despite overwhelming historical evidence that human-induced climate change is happening now, Donald Trump is apparently still refusing to face the facts.

global warming hurricane matthew

Record losses as global warming worsens

15 November, 2016 − While governments continue to negotiate on climate change, meteorological scientists warn that the global warming situation is rapidly deteriorating.

serengeti ecosystems

Warming wreaks havoc with ecosystems

13 November, 2016 – As climate change negotiations continue in Marrakech, scientists warn that global warming is affecting four-fifths of ecological processes vital to ecosystems.

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