Rising emissions usher in climate reality era

24 October, 2016 – Global carbon dioxide concentrations have reached a symbolically significant level which is unlikely to fall for centuries ahead, the United Nations says.

climate agreement Paris

Climate treaty races towards hazy future

6 October, 2016 – The far-reaching Paris Agreement on tackling climate change is close to taking effect − but how just how effective it may prove is far from clear.

Climate poses conflict threat in South Asia

2 June, 2016 – Military experts warn that the nations of South Asia must co-operate on climate change adaptation to avoid major political instability and conflict.

Trump cannot derail global climate deal

20 May, 2016 – Even if he wins the US presidency, Donald Trump will be unable to halt international progress towards a low-carbon economy, a British expert says.

Double dilemma for Paris climate deal

1 January, 2016 – The UN’s achievement last month in persuading world leaders to agree on measures to tackle climate change leaves two prominent climate scientists far from convinced.

Euphoria as Paris finally seals the deal

12 December, 2015 – COP21: “It is rare in any lifetime to have a chance to change the world”, declared France’s President François Hollande as the UN climate talks finally closed.

‘Blind-eye’ leaders won’t halt warming

11 December, 2015 − The UN climate change talks are now in their final hours, but politicians are accused of ignoring scientific advice and still doing too little to avoid a dangerous future.

Climate finance still stalls Paris deal

11 December, 2015 – COP21: Settling arguments about who should provide the cash needed by poorer countries to fight and adapt to climate change is key to a strong agreement at the UN summit.

Heat of the night’s carbon threat

11 December, 2015 – COP21: Rising nighttime temperatures linked to climate change increase the likelihood of tropical forests releasing carbon dioxide instead of storing it.

Climate heads for irreversible change

9 December, 2015 – COP21: With the UN climate conference still trying to agree how to tackle global warming, a scientific group warns that policy is ignoring the reality of a melting world.

Ice melt highlights Inuit plight

9 December, 2015 – COP21: As Arctic peoples’ leaders appeal for unity to halt global warming, scientists report that Greenland’s glaciers are melting at a speed not seen since the last Ice Age.