Arctic sea ice

Humans cause up to 70% of sea ice loss

17 March, 2017 – Research into natural causes of summer loss of Arctic sea ice reveals human responsibility for drastic changes to the region’s ecology.

Costs of coastal climate damage set to climb

12 March, 2017 – Europe can expect mounting coastal climate damage during this century, scientists say, with similar problems affecting the rest of the world as well.

deep ocean sea pig

Deep ocean danger as temperatures rise

3 March, 2017 – Warming seas and increasing acidification could mean starvation and extinction for creatures that live in the abyss of the deep ocean.

Labrador Sea Atlantic

Stark warning on Atlantic cooling

24 February, 2017 – Climatologists say there is an almost 50% chance the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean will cool rapidly within a single decade by 2100.

Tidal lagoon graphic

UK tidal project could spark global revolution

22 February, 2017 – The UK is poised to exploit tidal energy, a new renewable source that is cheaper than nuclear and more reliable than wind.

Call to unravel basic climate change

5 February, 2017 – Science still cannot provide satisfactory explanations for some features of basic climate change, experts argue – and they want a global search for answers.

rice production

Seawater dents delta rice production

4 February, 2017 – Saltwater intrusion exacerbated by climate change is hitting rice production in vulnerable delta regions and threatens to cause food shortages.

sea level washington

Prehistoric alert for future sea level

22 January, 2017 – Warning for coastal cities as research shows that it is 120,000 years since the global sea level was substantially higher than it is now.

Carbon cuts will not prevent sea level rise

16 January, 2017 – Short-lived greenhouse gases will continue to affect the oceans for centuries however much the world achieves by carbon cuts.

Coral bleaching could spark annual reef havoc

14 January, 2017 – Before 2100, almost every reef in the world will suffer severe coral bleaching annually unless fossil fuel consumption is sharply reduced.

sea level

Antarctic past points to sea level threat

9 January, 2017 – Evidence of Antarctic ice sheet melting and sea level rise almost 15,000 years ago raises alarm over current climate change dangers.