Carbon cuts will not prevent sea level rise

16 January, 2017 – Short-lived greenhouse gases will continue to affect the oceans for centuries however much the world achieves by carbon cuts.

Coral bleaching could spark annual reef havoc

14 January, 2017 – Before 2100, almost every reef in the world will suffer severe coral bleaching annually unless fossil fuel consumption is sharply reduced.

sea level

Antarctic past points to sea level threat

9 January, 2017 – Evidence of Antarctic ice sheet melting and sea level rise almost 15,000 years ago raises alarm over current climate change dangers.

ocean current

Ocean current sends out chilling warning

8 January, 2017 – New research forecasts much colder weather in northern Europe if rising CO2 emissions continue to impact on the Atlantic ocean current.


Whales assist in-depth ocean research

3 January, 2017 – Smart tags attached to whales are providing valuable data from the ocean depths on crucial impacts related to climate change.

fish catches

Paris warming limit will increase fish catches

30 December, 2016 – Scientists calculate that global fish catches could rise by millions of tonnes a year if nations stick to the Paris Agreement on global warming.

mollusc shells

Mollusc produces pearl of climate wisdom

27 December, 2016 – Historic evidence of temperature change is revealed by mother-of-pearl layers in the shells of mollusc species that inhabit the ocean shallows.

Growing tornado impact puzzles scientists

19 December, 2016 – The US seems to be experiencing more and worse tornado outbreaks – groups of twisters in quick succession. But climate change may not be the culprit.

East Antarctic icesheet unsettles science

17 December, 2016 – Scientists now believe that the East Antarctic ice sheet could become unstable, a discovery with potentially serious global implications.

Methane’s rapid spurt risks climate curbs plan

12 December, 2016 – A recent rapid rise in methane could damage global attempts to slow climate change through cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.

Hurricanes northeastern US

Northeastern US faces fiercer hurricanes

7 December, 2016 – Stronger, more frequent storms will pummel the northern Atlantic coast of the US as human consumption of fossil fuels causes hurricanes to change course.