East Antarctic icesheet unsettles science

17 December, 2016 – Scientists now believe that the East Antarctic ice sheet could become unstable, a discovery with potentially serious global implications.

Methane’s rapid spurt risks climate curbs plan

12 December, 2016 – A recent rapid rise in methane could damage global attempts to slow climate change through cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.

Hurricanes northeastern US

Northeastern US faces fiercer hurricanes

7 December, 2016 – Stronger, more frequent storms will pummel the northern Atlantic coast of the US as human consumption of fossil fuels causes hurricanes to change course.

Arctic sea ice

Arctic tipping points put planet at risk

29 November, 2016 – A warming climate is exposing the Arctic to the possibility of radical changes that could affect the rest of the planet, scientists say.

Fish ocean CO2

Fish found to thrive in high levels of CO2

November 25, 2016 – Discovery that fish farmers are rearing healthy stock in water containing higher concentrations of carbon dioxide than predicted for climate change has implications for oceans.

arctic ice

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by mid-century

5 November, 2016 – Humans will have added enough carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by 2050 to melt all the Arctic’s sea ice, research predicts.

Arctic warming gives US and Europe the chills

2 November, 2016 – The effects of Arctic climate change on the jet stream could mean harsher winters for some of the most highly populated regions of the world.

Ocean warming intensifies power of typhoons

11 September, 2016 – The violence of typhoons that devastate Asian coastal regions is being magnified by rising sea surface temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Humans sparked warming nearly 200 years ago

30 August, 2016 – Human activity prompted an early start to global warming, scientists say – nearly 200 years ago, long before previous studies had suggested.

Seals reveal mysteries of Antarctic sea ice

27 August, 2016 – In Antarctic winter conditions too harsh for research scientists, elephant seals fitted with sensors have collected ocean system data that raises climate change concerns.

Marshes beat droughts with mussel power

23 August, 2016 – Co-operation between species can make ecosystems more resilient, so that marshes beat droughts far faster than they could otherwise, US scientists find.