Global warming brent geese

Warming’s mixed effects on migratory animals

13 January, 2017 – New studies on beluga whales and Brent geese reveal that they respond to global warming in conflicting ways, making species survival hard to predict.


Reindeer eat to beat climate change

22 December, 2016 – Reindeer could help to slow down climate change by grazing on Arctic tundra and leaving vegetation that reflects more solar energy back into space.


Antarctic rifts launch giant icebergs

21 December, 2016 – Satellite images reveal clue to the hidden cause of fractures in Antarctic shelf ice that are calving huge icebergs into the south polar seas.

East Antarctic icesheet unsettles science

17 December, 2016 – Scientists now believe that the East Antarctic ice sheet could become unstable, a discovery with potentially serious global implications.

Greenland ice cap

Rock shines naked light on Greenland ice

15 December, 2016 – Bedrock drilled from deep under the rapidly-melting Greenland ice sheet contains evidence that the island may once have been almost totally ice-free.

Methane’s rapid spurt risks climate curbs plan

12 December, 2016 – A recent rapid rise in methane could damage global attempts to slow climate change through cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.


Heroic explorers aid Antarctic science

6 December, 2016 − Observations of Antarctic ice pack from expeditions a century ago are helping modern scientists to understand the impacts of climate change.

arctic ice

Arctic Ocean could be ice-free by mid-century

5 November, 2016 – Humans will have added enough carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by 2050 to melt all the Arctic’s sea ice, research predicts.

Arctic warming gives US and Europe the chills

2 November, 2016 – The effects of Arctic climate change on the jet stream could mean harsher winters for some of the most highly populated regions of the world.

greenland ice sheet

Greenland rises as ice sheet melts faster

1 October, 2016 – New research shows that Greenland has been losing billions more tonnes of ice than thought – and gaining height as bedrock rises under less weight.

Speed of Arctic changes defies scientists

September 29, 2016 – The Arctic climate is changing so quickly that science can barely keep track of what is happening and predict the global consequences, the UN says.