City trees boost health and wealth

29 August, 2017 – Capital city trees could deliver even more capital. Green fingers could convert urban grime into folding money and combat global warming at the same time.

Overlooked flood risks put many in danger

27 August, 2017 – Governments and insurance companies are failing to educate people on how to avoid flood risks, which are increasing as the climate warms.

Life-saving fossil fuel phase-out can work

25 August, 2017 – A pollution-free world driven by renewable energy is possible, say scientists with a plan for a fossil fuel phase-out for 139 countries.

US nuclear might rests on civil reactors

23 August, 2017 – Experts say there can be no US nuclear might without a large civil atomic industry to prop up the military.

Rising warmth risks Arctic dogs’ survival

22 August, 2017 – Till recently an essential part of Greenland life, Arctic dogs now face a struggle to withstand rising temperatures and dwindling ice.

Brazilian downpours oust familiar drizzle

19 August, 2017 – Misty rain is giving way to fear of flash floods as Brazilian downpours cause chaos in the country’s biggest city.

Swiss trees swelter as climate warms

16 August, 2017 – Foresters are being urged to plant tree species resilient to climate change to save the timber industry as Swiss trees swelter.

Drought’s lingering death may beat rains’ return

15 August, 2017 – A climate hazard that doesn’t disappear when the rainclouds gather, drought’s lingering death can delay recovery a very long time.

Climate warms the Earth, not chance

14 August, 2017 – Recent record year temperatures show how climate warms the Earth. Without global warming, such a sequence would have been highly improbable.

Climate change is triple risk to Europe

13 August, 2017 – New studies confirm climate change’s triple risk to Europe. The heat is on, lives are at risk and the floods are arriving earlier.

Marine hotspots raise eastern US sea levels

12 August, 2017 – Suddenly marine hotspots are raising sea levels in the eastern US. It may not be a permanent hazard – but it is a warning.