Plants can’t cover up fossil fuel damage

12 April, 2017 – Increased carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere by plants will not be enough to compensate for rising greenhouse gas emissions.

permafrost yukon

Permafrost thaw threatens flood of emissions

11 April, 2017 – Global warming’s greater than anticipated impact on permafrost will release huge amounts of methane and carbon dioxide as the soil thaws.


Forests offer cool way to ease climate fears

10 April, 2017 – New global database of trees affirms the need for greater conservation and protection of forests to slow the pace of global warming.

Jet streams stumble as the world warms

9 April, 2017 – The warming of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases is slowing the jet streams which drive the northern hemisphere’s weather, scientists say.

Jurassic CO2 levels

CO2 levels heading back to days of dinosaurs

8 April, 2017 – Scientists predict that continued burning of fossil fuels could return CO2 levels and temperatures to heights not seen in hundreds of millions of years.

arctic meltwater ponds

Arctic meltwater ponds feed climate concerns

7 April, 2017 – Plankton blooms in the Arctic’s increasing number of meltwater ponds are enriching the ocean – but potentially accelerating global warming.

climate change

Complacency threatens climate change action

6 April, 2017 – Leading climate change scientist warns that it isn’t only oil companies undermining hopes of meeting targets to limit global warming.

American farmland farmers

America’s farmers face uncertain future

5 April, 2017 – New research indicates that climate change will wreak havoc on farmers in America as they struggle to adapt to the rapid increase in heat.

monkeys and viruses

Brazil monkey deaths signal spread of viruses

4 April, 2017 – Climate change and deforestation in Brazil help mosquitoes spread viruses to humans and endangered species of monkeys.

extreme heat

Extreme heat threat rises for megacities

3 April 2017 – Scientists warn that even a modest rise in average global temperatures will put millions of city dwellers at greater risk from extreme heat.


Vital groundwater depleted faster than ever

2 April, 2017 – Global use of irreplaceable groundwater is exhausting the supply so fast that researchers say it will drive up food prices and hit international trade.