States and industries face more climate court action

15 June, 2017 – Campaigners are increasingly using climate court action to press governments and corporations to fulfil their obligations to combat climate change.

Climate change causes killer heatwaves

14 June, 2017 – As average summer temperatures rise in the tropics, so do the risks of mass death from killer heatwaves, climate scientists find.

US cities face growing flood risks

13 June, 2017 – As the seas rise, US cities can expect a varied flood risk: some will have more of the worst floods, others more frequent familiar inundations.

Passive housing cuts costs – and global warming

12 June, 2017 – Buildings which heat and cool themselves – passive housing – save householders money by making big fuel economies and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar tower power is on the rise

11 June, 2017 – Solar generation systems can now produce electricity and store it for hours, using solar tower power without any need for batteries.

Finding when humans first altered the planet’s geology

10 June, 2017 – Stone Age humans changed a landscape. Then time buried the evidence. Now researchers have unearthed the moment of the earliest human impact on the planet.

Warmer climate raises extinction risk

9 June, 2017 – Climate change is multiplying existing threats to much of the natural world, and more species face an unparalleled extinction risk.

Hopes rise for longer-term climate forecasts

8 June, 2017 – A study of the interaction between sunlight, air, water and foliage should lead to better longer-term climate forecasts, scientists say.

Marine reserves protect against warming climate

7 June, 2017 – Marine reserves can give protection against the impacts of climate change to both sea life and land-dwelling species, including humans.

Warmth will worsen wet and dry extremes

6 June, 2017 – Wet and dry extremes across the world will become more marked as the planet heats up, evidence from past climates shows.

Solar lamps light up more African nights

5 June, 2017 – Solar lamps are tackling poverty, ill-health and natural hazards in Africa, thanks to Chinese industry and a UK-based charity.