That climate hiatus: what’s really going on

10 July, 2017 – Some puzzles, like the climate hiatus, may seem entirely academic. But they do answer big questions about long-term warming predictions.

Wildlife faces climate’s survival and sex problems

9 July, 2017 – Climate change is likely to bring bad times for many bee species, and tricky sex problems for marine turtles too.

Climate change may increase California’s rain

8 July, 2017 – In a warmer world California’s rain may be more ample than today. But so far most climate scientists foresee more drought.

Sahel monsoon may see African drylands bloom

7 July, 2017 – Suddenly, a drought-stricken African region could benefit from a Sahel monsoon, with climate change storm clouds breaking over Chad and Mali.

Human growth lessens wildfire risk

6 July, 2017 – Wildfire is a natural hazard – and a natural part of the grassland ecosystem. Against expectation, the world’s fires are burning low.

Half a degree warmer means a lot

5 July, 2017 – Half a degree doesn’t sound much. But if it gets any warmer, we will notice the difference soon enough.

Climate change will worsen US poverty

4 July, 2017 – Yet another study has exposed the cruel cost of climate change as it increases US poverty. It could be worse than the Great Recession.

Antarctic wildlife may change as climate warms

3 July, 2017 – As the ice retreats, there’s more room for Antarctic wildlife to grow. But that may not be good news for the life already there.

Greenland’s shrinking cloud cover speeds melt

2 July, 2017 – More sunshine penetrating Greenland’s shrinking cloud cover explains why its icy mountains are turning increasingly slushy in the summer, scientists now think.

Hydrogen fuel reaches lift-off

1 July, 2017 – Using surplus electricity from renewables to make hydrogen fuel is starting a new era for all forms of heavy transport.

Climate refugees will search hard for homes

30 June, 2017 – Where can the climate refugees go, if 2 billion are driven away by rising tides, and the interior available becomes ever more inhospitable?