Worse climate change in the offing

13 November, 2017 – The prospect of the Earth overheating dangerously has come closer, with scientists warning that worse climate change will soon affect the planet.

Carbon emissions set to rise in 2017

13 November, 2017 – Global carbon emissions look likely to increase this year, putting at risk the hope of meeting the world’s agreement to slow global warming.

Humans cause growing heat wave danger

12 November, 2017 – Heat waves can be lethal – and researchers have now counted the ways they can kill. Humans may have only themselves to blame.

Warming helps toxins to thrive

11 November, 2017 – Many of the world’s poorest people are being poisoned by their basic foods – and global warming helps toxins to multiply.

People pressure enlivens UN climate talks

10 November, 2017 – The august corridors of the UN climate talks in Bonn are resounding to the insistent voices of non-government activists.

Geo-engineering can work – if the world wants it

10 November, 2017 – Geo-engineering can stop the Earth warming, at least in theory, scientists say, but doubts persist over the possible risks.

Less business-as-usual at UN climate talks

9 November, 2017 – Businesslike, yes – but this year’s climate summit in Bonn is not quite so focussed on business-as-usual as these occasions usually are.

Fossil fuel lobby makes its case in Bonn

9 November, 2017 – While the UN climate talks seek to slow climate change, the fossil fuel lobby still argues the benefits of traditional fuels.

100% renewable electricity in reach by 2050

8 November, 2017 – It may sound fanciful, but researchers say a world running on 100% renewable electricity is attainable by mid-century, or even earlier.

Altering crops can exploit changing climate

7 November, 2017 – The world can feed many millions of extra mouths by altering crops to make the most of local conditions, scientists say.

2017 among the three warmest years recorded

6 November, 2017 – The World Meteorological Organisation says 2017 is among the three warmest years recorded, with human wellbeing facing mounting risks.