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Food supply fears spark China land grab

26 September, 2016 – With the impacts of climate change threatening food supply as population grows, China is buying land on other continents to grow more crops.


Pollution raises rivers’ deadly threat

22 September, 2016 – Human destruction of wilderness areas has added to the pollution that puts millions of people on three continents at risk of water-borne diseases.

A local farmer harvests sorghum produced from seeds donated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through the "Improving Seeds" project.

Lower crop yields test market forces

13 September, 2016 – As global warming cuts crop yields, trade liberalisation in agricultural commodities will be needed to avoid food shortages and economic hardships.


Rice paddies raise methane threat

10 September, 2016 − Traditional growing of rice in flooded fields is bad for the staple crop’s future quality and produces vast amounts of methane greenhouse gas.


Amazon burns as Brazil signs Paris pledge

9 September, 2016 – Forest fires in the Amazon region are reaching record levels as Brazil’s government fails to tackle deforestation that fuels the country’s high rate of emissions.

CROP-- green shoots in drought

Carbon dioxide could ease drought impacts

8 September, 2016 – As drought becomes more frequent and prolonged with climate change, increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may help plants to survive on less water.

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Warming set to raise the pollen count

4 September, 2016 – Hay fever and asthma are likely to become a much greater health issue in Europe as warming stimulates plants producing allergenic pollen.

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Planet is paying for palm oil profits

3 September, 2016 – Palm oil production may have many benefits, but rapidly increasing plantation comes at a high cost to local and global environments.

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Climate change raises deadly health risks

18 August, 2016 – Reduced production of fruit and vegetables as climate change impacts on agriculture could substantially increase dietary and weight-related factors that contribute to so many deaths worldwide.

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Rethink needed on Paris emissions targets

16 August, 2016 − Warning that humans may already have emitted enough carbon dioxide to undermine the 1.5°C temperature rise threshold agreed by 195 nations last December.

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