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Hungry world need not fell its forests

27 April, 2016 – The rapidly growing human population can feed itself without worsening climate change by destroying the planet’s forests, researchers say.

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Climate brings hard times for tea

24 April, 2016 – Research in China shows that the changing pattern of longer and heavier monsoon rainfall in east Asia is having a detrimental effect on the yield and quality of tea.

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Soil could save Earth from overheating

17 April, 2016 − New research shows that changing the way we farm and managing soils so they store carbon rather than lose it would help avoid dangerous climate change,


Wasted food’s heavy burden on climate

12 April, 2016 − As obesity levels soar, cutting the vast amount of food we waste could have a major impact on reducing the effects of climate change, as well as helping to alleviate world hunger.

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GM crops can thrive as climate warms

4 April, 2016 – Plants genetically modified to take advantage of hotter temperatures and increased carbon dioxide could cut fertiliser use and raise yields to alleviate global food shortages.

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Science grapples with climate conundrums

31 March, 2016 – New research illustrates that reactions of people, plants and animals to the changing climate are a key factor in unravelling the complexities of global warming.


Rising heat brings earlier vintage

29 March, 2016 – Winegrowers can expect good grape harvests much earlier now, thanks to climate change, but scientists say the effect may not last.

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Humans tilt climate books out of balance

24 March, 2016 – Greenhouse gases from cattle, fertilisers, manure and agriculture mean that human activities have turned the land and soil into part of the global warming machine.

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Climate poses threat to ancient culture

22 March, 2016 − The unique Kalash people from remote valleys in the mountains of northwest Pakistan find their way of life jeopardised by a combination of climate change and deforestation.

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Efficient answers to climate concerns

20 March, 2016 – European Commission research suggests energy efficiency can become a “niche” market that will attract investors away from fossil fuels.

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