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Indonesian forest

Forest destruction can be cut in half

30 November, 2015 − COP21: New study shows that political will is all that is needed to stop the chainsaws and bulldozers that are destroying tropical forests and adding to global warning.


Trees face global extinction threat

24 November, 2015 – Field scientists warn that damage being done to the Amazon rainforest indicates that most of the world’s 40,000 tropical tree species now qualify as being at risk.

burning bush

Fires point to religions’ climate impact

23 November, 2015 – Link detected between religious days of observance and reductions in the big “active fires” that can impact on global warming by sending aerosols into the atmosphere.

CROP 0-- Itaipu Dam

Brazil faces serious power and crop losses

19 November 2015 – Scientists warn that Brazil can expect falling hydroelectric supplies and severe crop failures by 2040 as climate change reduces rainfall and increases drought.

CROP -- snowpack

Global warming drains the water of life

13 November, 2015 – New research warns that rising temperatures are reducing the mountain snow on which billions of people in lowland areas depend for their water supply.


Wages set to fall unless warming is tackled

23 October, 2015 – Researchers say the economic costs of failing to take action on climate change will be much greater than thought – with average global incomes cut by almost a quarter.

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