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golden jackal

Jackal adopts warmer Bohemian lifestyle

28 December, 2016 – Czech camera traps capture first evidence of new golden jackal settlement as ongoing climate change brings shifts in species distributions.

serengeti ecosystems

Warming wreaks havoc with ecosystems

13 November, 2016 – As climate change negotiations continue in Marrakech, scientists warn that global warming is affecting four-fifths of ecological processes vital to ecosystems.

Revolutionary plan can save rainforest

14 October, 2016 − Amazon rainforest could be used as a ‘factory’ for biotechnology products instead of being destroyed by looting, burning and mining.

Dire climate impacts go unheeded

21 September, 2016 – New scientific studies address lack of awareness of the adverse economic, social and biodiversity effects that climate change is already having.

Soaring population raises climate concerns

2 September, 2016 – Global population is predicted to rise by a third in the next three decades as the planet is increasingly challenged by climate change and loss of ‘natural capital’.

Human footprint trails biodiversity pressures

26 August, 2016 – Scientists find that impacts of population growth on the planet’s biodiversity aren’t generally as bad as feared – but are intensifying rapidly in species-rich areas.

Forest restoration gets a cutting edge

28 July, 2016 – Degraded tropical forests throughout the world could be effectively restored by using a simple and inexpensive technique to speed up natural regeneration.

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