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Cane toad in bromeliad

Old species have climate survival skills

13 May, 2016 – Study of more than 600 vertebrate species shows those that have faced extreme environmental pressures in the past are now best equipped to survive climate change.

mud on road

Brazil prepares to roll back green laws

12 May, 2016 – Amidst the turmoil of the presidential impeachment process, members of Brazil’s Congress are set to dismantle environmental protection laws.

CROP--impala africa

Climate doubles danger for antelopes

3 May, 2016 – Researchers warn that many of Africa’s antelope species are at greater risk of extinction as climate change adds to the survival challenges they already face.

CROP-- spruce trees

Trees share their survival skills

21 April, 2016 – Swiss experiment on the interdependence of trees gets to the roots of the role forests play in managing atmospheric carbon for the rest of the living world.


Rethink needed on farming’s impacts

8 February, 2016 − Scientists say nature conservation and protecting the planet from global warming can both be achieved if land is used sustainably, not just for immediate profit.


Warming dulls US rats’ taste for toxins

20 January, 2016 – Herbivores such as desert woodrats are being forced to change eating habits as rising temperatures are making their usual diet of toxic plants unpalatable.


Warming lakes speed up methane emissions

21 December, 2015 – The world’s lakes are heating up fast, threatening the fish on which millions depend and rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions.


Euphoria as Paris finally seals the deal

12 December, 2015 – COP21: “It is rare in any lifetime to have a chance to change the world”, declared France’s President François Hollande as the UN climate talks finally closed.

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