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Carbon storage hopes rise again

20 April, 2015 – Carbon capture and storage, if it worked, would help to make the main greenhouse gas harmless. US scientists say they are making progress.


China and US deliver radical climate surprise

It’s been called an historic agreement − a game changer in the battle to combat climate change. But can China and the US fulfil the promises in their announcement of plans to cut carbon emissions? LONDON, 13 November, 2014 − China went to considerable lengths to make sure that this week’s Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit in Beijing was a successful affair. Factories were shut down, car traffic and even cremations were restricted, and schools and most government offices were closed. As a result, delegates experienced blue skies over the Chinese capital, rather than the city’s notorious smog. But the most…


China may be ready to kick coal habit

Signs are hopeful that China, the world’s No.1 emitter of greenhouse gases, aims to become less reliant on the polluting coal that powered its rapid economic rise.


Committed carbon emissions are rising fast

The world’s governments agree that carbon dioxide emissions need to stop rising, but the power plants they build are committing the planet to big emission increases ahead.

India's dam building bonanza

In order to fulfil its economic ambitions, India has embarked on a large scale dam building programme. Critics say important geological factors are being ignored and there are also concerns about climate change

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