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Energy-wise buildings can cut gas imports

27 July, 2016 – Unleashing a fourth industrial revolution on Europe is the bold aim of a report on how to make the continent’s buildings carbon-neutral energy producers.


Concerns raised over Paris climate goals

26 July, 2016 – New analysis shows that the science underpinning the global treaty aiming to stop average temperatures rising more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels urgently needs more research.

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Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

24 July, 2016 – Pledges by Ireland to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases look set to be undermined by government plans for a major expansion of the country’s agricultural sector.


Humans play high-risk ecological roulette

20 July, 2016 – Analysis of millions of records by thousands of scientist across the world show that human impacts have helped push the planet’s vital biodiversity into the danger zone.


Climate change’s costs are still escalating

19 July, 2015 − Scientific reports released for a conference today on disaster risk reduction warn that people are already dying and economies being hit by climate change − and that the dangers are growing.


Offshore wind powers ahead in Europe

18 July, 2016 − Falling costs mean that power generated by offshore wind farms is becoming increasingly competitive with other fuels – and that’s good news for the climate.

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UK could warm by 4°C this century

14 July, 2016 – Scientific advisers warn that, by 2100, temperatures in Britain could rise by twice as much as the internationally-agreed limit set at the Paris climate conference.

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VW emissions scandal fuels corporate doubts

10 July, 2016 – The huge payments made by Volkswagen to settle claims over its false vehicle emissions figures have raised serious questions about corporate commitment to fighting climate change.


Drying increases peat bog fire hazard

8 July, 2016 – The danger of serious underground fires in peatlands is increasing as global warming causes these vital stores of atmospheric carbon to dry out.

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Climate disrupts UK wildlife calendar

7 July, 2016 – The largest ever study of the how climate sensitivity manifests itself in the seasonal behaviour of UK plants and animals warns that some species may struggle to survive.

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