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carbon trading

China set for top spot in carbon trading

4 December, 2016 ­­− Chinese officials say they will have the world’s biggest carbon trading scheme up and running throughout the country by the middle of next year.

abandoned cement factory

Cement develops an appetite for C02

1 December, 2016 − Scientists seeking to unravel carbon cycle mysteries reveal that almost half the C02 produced in making cement is absorbed as structures age.

Arctic sea ice

Arctic tipping points put planet at risk

29 November, 2016 – A warming climate is exposing the Arctic to the possibility of radical changes that could affect the rest of the planet, scientists say.

Fish ocean CO2

Fish found to thrive in high levels of CO2

November 25, 2016 – Discovery that fish farmers are rearing healthy stock in water containing higher concentrations of carbon dioxide than predicted for climate change has implications for oceans.

climate impacts Fiji

No going back now on climate action

21 November, 2016 − Whatever policies the US comes up with on climate change under the Trump presidency, the rest of the world intends to continue trying to save the planet.

emissions Paris Agreement

Monitoring is key to cutting emissions

17 November, 2016 − Pledges to reduce emissions and tackle climate change are important, but a new study says making sure they are actually carried through is vital.

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