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India solar power

India’s solar power set to outshine coal

21 October, 2016 – Solar power in India will be cheaper than imported coal by 2020, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for a growing population – but the challenge is enormous.

carbon tax rice china

Border carbon tax could cut emissions

20 October, 2016 – Major trading countries are urged to make a big contribution to the battle against climate change by introducing a carbon tax on imports.

land rights amazon

Amazon land rights face greatest threat

19 October, 2016 – Failure to protect indigenous land rights in the Amazon region is undermining the safeguarding of forests and the reduction of emissions.


Revolutionary plan can save rainforest

14 October, 2016 − Amazon rainforest could be used as a ‘factory’ for biotechnology products instead of being destroyed by looting, burning and mining.

insects fried crickets

Tasty insects benefit poor and climate

13 October, 2016 − New research shows how nutrient-rich insects can make a big contribution to diet in poor countries – and help in the fight against climate change.

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