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Antarctic peaks reveal sea rise threat

9 February, 2016 – A pioneering fieldwork study of mountain heights and boulders in West Antarctica supports computer predictions that global sea levels could rise steeply by 2080.

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Warming linked to spread of zika virus

5 February, 2016 – Scientists believe that record average temperatures may be contributing to big increases in the number of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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Human impacts fuel weather extremes

3 February, 2016 – Researchers show that floods and droughts often happen at least in part because of human influences on the climate, and not just natural causes.


Europe’s summers break 2,000-year record

29 January, 2016 – Researchers say the severe European heatwaves in the last 30 years support scientific conclusions that recent global warming is largely caused by humans.


Solar club builds up powerful alliance 

27 January, 2016 − Indian and French leaders fulfil pledges made at the Paris climate talks to help 122 solar-rich nations reach their potential in renewable energy production.

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Blame for warming heaped on humans

25 January, 2016 − New analysis reveals overwhelming odds on years of record global temperatures being caused by human impacts on the planet, rather than natural causes.


Champions wage war on wasted food

24 January, 2016 – New global coalition says food that fails to reach consumers or is dumped as waste could instead save lives and cut greenhouse gas emissions.


Arctic and Med face hotspot worries

23 January, 2015 − Uneven heating of the Earth’s surface as a result of climate change could see some regions facing seriously high rises in average temperatures.

carbon capture

Carbon capture plans need urgent aid

21 January, 2016 − Call for governments to give financial backing for technology that could help save the world from overheating by preventing CO2 escaping into the atmosphere.

hydrogen bus

Science opens routes to energy recycling

14 January, 2016 – From turning carbon dioxide into a fuel to enabling cars to run on water, scientific researchers worldwide are unlocking the potential of new energy sources.

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