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Japan pays high price for ‘silo’ science

2 May, 2016 – Analysts in Tokyo say Japan needs to base its energy policy and nuclear safety on international scientific co-operation if it is to make the right decisions and prosper.

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Scientists see the future in natural resources

30 April, 2016 – From creating transparent wood for solar panels or windows to turning carbon dioxide and plant waste into plastic bottles, scientists are finding ingenious ways to sidestep fossil fuels.


Forest guardians pay a heavy price

23 April, 2016 – To buy time to switch away from climate-damaging fossil fuels the world must conserve its tropical forests – and the people who live in them, researchers say.

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Climate scientists’ high degree of concern

22 April, 2016 – As world leaders meet in New York today to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change, researchers warn that lack of ambition on limiting global warming could have devastating effects.


US-Canada pact eases Arctic fears

20 April, 2016 − Low oil prices have reduced pressure to exploit Arctic fossil fuels and boosted hopes that the region’s fragile environment and indigenous people may be better protected.


Investors warned: Forget fossil fuels

14 April, 2016 − Historic change heralded as investors are told they face losing their money if they continue to back the fossil fuel industry that is causing disastrous global warming.

Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Combined Cycle Thermo-Solar Power Plant

Call for Saudis to be a solar power

13 April, 2016 − Saudi Arabia says it plans to be less dependent on oil revenues in future – but will it grasp the opportunity to become a world leader in solar energy?


Wasted food’s heavy burden on climate

12 April, 2016 − As obesity levels soar, cutting the vast amount of food we waste could have a major impact on reducing the effects of climate change, as well as helping to alleviate world hunger.


Big push for small nuclear reactors

11 April, 2016 – Global nuclear companies are meeting this week to discuss licensing the controversial small modular reactors that are costing billions of dollars to develop and would be sited near towns.

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Drought-hit California feels pressure

9 April, 2016 − Scientists say that storms carrying desperately-needed water to California are being diverted by a band of high pressure that coincides with rainfall and temperature extremes.

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Shrimps sound ocean acidity alarm

6 April, 2016 – The effect of the sea absorbing increased carbon dioxide in the air has damaging consequences for the noisy snapping shrimp and marine life in coastal rock pools.

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