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Deadly effect of farming’s dirty needs

25 May, 2016 – Researchers say air pollution from the use of vital fertilisers means that fossil fuel emissions must be reduced if we are to feed the world’s growing population.


Farming needs lead role in GHG cuts

19 May, 2016 – Researchers say new technical and policy solutions, plus major investment, are needed for agriculture to help make the emissions reductions required to meet Paris targets.

Two brothers aged four and seven seek water in a dry riverbed near Kataboi
village in remote Turkana in northern Kenya.

In 40 degree heat and no access to clean water, the boys resort to digging holes in the riverbed with a tin cup to scoop up enough to drink.

The lack of rain this year across the Horn of Africa has resulted in failed crops, lack of water and death of livestock. The Government of Kenya declared the drought a national disaster as 3.5 million people in the country are in need of emergency assistance.

Poorest nations will feel heat soonest

18 May, 2016 – Very high temperatures are set to affect some of the world’s least developed countries before touching the richer nations that are more responsible for climate change.


Glad tidings for sea power potential

17 May, 2016 – The daily ebb and flow of the tides promise a renewable energy bonanza for countries such as Canada and the UK that have shallow seas and a steep tidal range.

CROP-arid mali

Climate adaptation gap grows wider

16 May, 2016 – New study shows that the financial costs of developing countries adapting to the impacts of climate change may rise to as much as $500 billion by 2050.

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Cities face flash flood hazards

15 May, 2016 – Scientists in Australia warn that global warming will lead to more intense and concentrated summer storms seriously testing city drainage systems already struggling to cope.

Cane toad in bromeliad

Old species have climate survival skills

13 May, 2016 – Study of more than 600 vertebrate species shows those that have faced extreme environmental pressures in the past are now best equipped to survive climate change.

Birds fly by as the sun peaks through the morning dust.

Searing heat may spark climate exodus

11 May, 2016 – Temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa could reach unbearably high levels that would make some regions uninhabitable and increase the pressures of climate refugees.

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Oil majors told to adapt or die

9 May, 2016 – As profits and prices plummet, the oil conglomerates – some of the world’s biggest companies – have been warned they must change their ways or face extinction.

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Cows’ diets get environmental boost

8 May, 2016 – Scientists have found a way to increase the energy cows take in from feed, while reducing the vast amounts of the greenhouse gas methane they pump out of the other end.

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Nuclear costs roll onwards and upwards

7 May, 2016 – Building new nuclear power stations is becoming hugely more expensive by the day, but decommissioning old ones might prove to be even more costly.

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