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Rise in plunder of Earth’s natural resources

22 July 2016 – New UN report warns that the threefold increase in extraction of the Earth’s primary materials will intensify climate change, increase air pollution and reduce biodiversity.


Climate change’s costs are still escalating

19 July, 2015 − Scientific reports released for a conference today on disaster risk reduction warn that people are already dying and economies being hit by climate change − and that the dangers are growing.

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VW emissions scandal fuels corporate doubts

10 July, 2016 – The huge payments made by Volkswagen to settle claims over its false vehicle emissions figures have raised serious questions about corporate commitment to fighting climate change.

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Past presents warning on greater warming

4 July, 2016 – Reconstruction of climate events long before the Ice Ages shows that failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions could eventually lead to temperatures rising by up to 10 degrees.

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Paris pledges fall short on emissions

1 July, 2016 − New research shows that a “controlled implosion” of the fossil fuel industry and a technological explosion of renewable energy are needed to meet targets on restricting global warming.

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Renewables fuel optimism in Nepal

24 June, 2016 – Cattle dung and kitchen waste used in biogas plants are helping to save 400,000 trees a year and reduce fossil fuel imports in Nepal.

Violet Gavin holds up maize that they have grown, but can't afford to have ground, inside their small hut in  Chimteka, Malawi on the 15th April, 2009. They are recipients of a cash transfer grant that is provided through a local NGO via UNCIEF, as part of an AUSAID programme to assist orphans and vulnerable people throughtout Malawi.

Race is on to feed warming world

22 June, 2016 – Scientists warn that plant breeders will need to accelerate development schedules if they are to ensure the ever-growing population can be fed as global temperatures rise.

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Bionic leaf can fuel energy revolution

10 June, 2016 − Renewable energy experts and microbiologists have teamed up to create a super-efficient artificial leaf that uses photosynthesis to produce carbon-neutral liquid fuels.

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Energy independence won’t cure climate ills

7 June, 2016 − Analysts say tackling climate change is a more difficult and expensive challenge for governments than achieving the unconnected goal of being self-reliant for energy needs.

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Europe’s floods come as no surprise

5 June, 2016 – Scientists have warned that the extra moisture in warmer air will mean more intense rainfall, but floods still leave governments unprepared.

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Changing seas become octopus’s garden

28 May, 2016 – Unique biological traits are helping octopus, squid and cuttlefish to survive and thrive despite climate-related rises in ocean temperatures and acidity levels.

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