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Perfect storm heads for fossil fuel assets

25 November, 2015 – Coal, oil and gas sectors warned that trillions of dollars of assets could be stranded if a global agreement on limiting climate change is reached at Paris summit.

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Cash is key to Paris climate talks success

2 November, 2015 − Former key figure in UN climate change policy-making says economists now see that development without destroying the environment is the only way forward.

california flood

Floods will add to California’s drought woes

27 October, 2015 − Scientists predict that while the drought that has devastated the US state for four years will become more extreme, it will be interspersed with bouts of serious flooding.

Charcoal smoke manila slum

Big emitters shift burden to poorer nations

24 October, 2015 – Researchers say emissions reduction targets set by China, the US and Europe place harsh demands on the rest of the world, and could cast a pall over the Paris climate summit.


UK accused of rigging market against renewables

7 October, 2015 – As electricity from renewable sources tops 25% in the UK, the government is challenged to create a level playing field by scrapping nuclear and fossil-fuel subsidies.

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