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CROP -- windturbine

Investors tip balance towards renewables

4 February, 2016 – With investment in renewable electricity sources now outstripping polluting fossil fuels, a new study sees signs of change in global attitudes towards climate risks.

floods thames

Human impacts fuel weather extremes

3 February, 2016 – Researchers show that floods and droughts often happen at least in part because of human influences on the climate, and not just natural causes.


Europe’s summers break 2,000-year record

29 January, 2016 – Researchers say the severe European heatwaves in the last 30 years support scientific conclusions that recent global warming is largely caused by humans.


Grasses’ growing role for American cars

17 January, 2016 – Second-generation biofuel made from natural grass species challenges ethanol derived from maize crops as the US seeks to reduce its fossil fuel use.

hydrogen bus

Science opens routes to energy recycling

14 January, 2016 – From turning carbon dioxide into a fuel to enabling cars to run on water, scientific researchers worldwide are unlocking the potential of new energy sources.


China clamps down on coal

2 January, 2016 – A slowing economy and falling energy demand, plus concerns over air pollution, spur Beijing to halt new coal mines and close hundreds of existing operations.

Double dilemma for Paris climate deal

1 January, 2016 – The UN’s achievement last month in persuading world leaders to agree on measures to tackle climate change leaves two prominent climate scientists far from convinced.


Paris fails to revive the nuclear dream

31 December, 2015 – Charlatans, or planetary saviours? Post-Paris views on the nuclear industry suggest few experts believe it will bring closer a world rid of fossil fuels.


Markets cannot solve the climate crisis

28 December, 2015 – How did we get to where we are now? “Free range” capitalism could be the explanation for climate change, and needs taming, says one writer.

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