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Chilling warning on warming’s future legacy

11 February, 2016 – Scientists stress the need for climate policy to focus not on this century but on the inescapable impacts of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10,000 years.


Antarctic peaks reveal sea rise threat

9 February, 2016 – A pioneering fieldwork study of mountain heights and boulders in West Antarctica supports computer predictions that global sea levels could rise steeply by 2080.

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Oceans are heating up at the double

6 February, 2016 – Records from a sailing ship’s round-the-world research voyage almost 150 years ago provide further evidence that the Earth is continuing to warm unchecked.

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Emissions cuts boost health and wealth

10 January, 2016 – It’s not just the planet that benefits from reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that intensify global warming.

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Warming fuels rise in methane threat

6 January, 2016 – Higher temperatures and permafrost thaw could cause an increase of up to 50 per cent in emissions of a key greenhouse gas from northern lakes and ponds by 2010.


Warming lakes speed up methane emissions

21 December, 2015 – The world’s lakes are heating up fast, threatening the fish on which millions depend and rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions.


Euphoria as Paris finally seals the deal

12 December, 2015 – COP21: “It is rare in any lifetime to have a chance to change the world”, declared France’s President François Hollande as the UN climate talks finally closed.


‘Blind-eye’ leaders won’t halt warming

11 December, 2015 − The UN climate change talks are now in their final hours, but politicians are accused of ignoring scientific advice and still doing too little to avoid a dangerous future.

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