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Records reveal warming’s first warning

28 November, 2015 – COP 21: Scientists identify a worldwide pattern of climate change in the late 1980s as the early signpost that has now led to the crucial UN summit in Paris.


Trees face global extinction threat

24 November, 2015 – Field scientists warn that damage being done to the Amazon rainforest indicates that most of the world’s 40,000 tropical tree species now qualify as being at risk.

writing on wall

Go-it-alone action can break climate gridlock

3 November, 2015 − Researchers say the way to establish fair levels for everyone on global emissions reduction is for one of the major powers to stand up and set the benchmark.

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Cash is key to Paris climate talks success

2 November, 2015 − Former key figure in UN climate change policy-making says economists now see that development without destroying the environment is the only way forward.

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Soaring heat and humidity pose deadly threat

29 October, 2015 − Parts of the Arabian Gulf region – prime source of the oil that helps fuel climate change – may become uninhabitable for humans unless global warming is tackled.

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Floods will add to California’s drought woes

27 October, 2015 − Scientists predict that while the drought that has devastated the US state for four years will become more extreme, it will be interspersed with bouts of serious flooding.

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