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Trump cannot derail global climate deal

20 May, 2016 – Even if he wins the US presidency, Donald Trump will be unable to halt international progress towards a low-carbon economy, a British expert says.


Farming needs lead role in GHG cuts

19 May, 2016 – Researchers say new technical and policy solutions, plus major investment, are needed for agriculture to help make the emissions reductions required to meet Paris targets.

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Cows’ diets get environmental boost

8 May, 2016 – Scientists have found a way to increase the energy cows take in from feed, while reducing the vast amounts of the greenhouse gas methane they pump out of the other end.

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Climate confusion creeps into Trump camp

6 May, 2016 – Despite the Republican US presidential candidate’s claim that climate change is a hoax, a new survey has found that more than half of his supporters believe global warming is happening.

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Dead zones devour oceans’ oxygen

4 May, 2016 – Marine life faces increased threats as researchers warn that warmer waters caused by climate change could seriously reduce the levels of oxygen in the world’s seas.

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Droughts trigger tree ‘heart attacks’

29 April, 2016 – Research identifying survival traits in different tree species could prove vital in helping to reduce the massive losses caused by heat extremes as the world warms.

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Summer swelter will be no joy for US

28 April, 2016 – Scientists warn that the current pleasures of warmer weather will pall for US citizens as climate change brings extreme temperature rises and unhealthy levels of atmospheric ozone.

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Trees share their survival skills

21 April, 2016 – Swiss experiment on the interdependence of trees gets to the roots of the role forests play in managing atmospheric carbon for the rest of the living world.

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Soil could save Earth from overheating

17 April, 2016 − New research shows that changing the way we farm and managing soils so they store carbon rather than lose it would help avoid dangerous climate change,

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