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forests loss distant lands

Unhealthy forests affect distant ecosystems

9 December, 2016 – When a significant number of trees die, whether it be due to drought, heat, insect infestation or exploitation, the climate of forests in faraway lands is altered.

Fish ocean CO2

Fish found to thrive in high levels of CO2

November 25, 2016 – Discovery that fish farmers are rearing healthy stock in water containing higher concentrations of carbon dioxide than predicted for climate change has implications for oceans.

CROP--typhoon palms

Warming raises global economic threats

17 June, 2016 – Research shows that the effects of extreme heat and weather events on production of raw materials has far-reaching and costly financial implications.


Global wealth faces higher climate risk

5 April, 2016 – Limiting emissions to ensure the internationally-agreed 2°C temperature rise is not exceeded could still leave trillions of dollars of global financial assets at risk.

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