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Oceans are heating up at the double

6 February, 2016 – Records from a sailing ship’s round-the-world research voyage almost 150 years ago provide further evidence that the Earth is continuing to warm unchecked.


Seeds of doubt over iron boost for algae

28 January, 2016 – New research suggests that fertilising oceans with iron to increase growth of algae that absorb CO2 is not the answer to reducing global warming.

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Giant boost for south polar waters

16 January, 2016 – Massive icebergs more than 18km long are feeding vital nutrients into the Southern Ocean and helping to increase its carbon storage capacity.


Whaling history’s clues to climate future

4 January, 2016 – Citizen scientists are helping to glean sea-ice and weather data from the logs of 19th-century whaling ships to gain a better understanding of Arctic climate change.

sea ice

Brief respite for Arctic sea ice

15 December, 2015 – Scientists are now confident that natural forces will mean that the Arctic’s winter sea ice will not melt as worryingly fast as expected in the near future.

melting sea ice canada

Cold water poured on warming pause

13 December, 2015 – COP21: Pressure from climate sceptic voices may have led to credibility being given to the mistaken claim that there is scientific evidence of a global warming hiatus.


US town faces watery end from rising sea

10 December, 2015 – COP21: Despite being a strenuous doubter of the facts of climate change, the US will lose an entire town to rising sea level within the next century.

Port Jackson shark

Sharks’ plight highlights climate threats

20 November, 2015 − Species in the oceans and on land and ice are increasingly feeling the effects – largely for the worst – that climate change and ocean acidification have on their habitats.

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