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nuclear power

Taxpayers face bill for nuclear crisis

2 December, 2016 − Nuclear giant EDF could be heading towards bankruptcy, yet the French and UK governments are turning a blind eye to the looming financial crisis.


Smart fabric creates renewable energy

14 November, 2016 – Scientists have developed a revolutionary fabric that can harvest electrical energy from the wearer’s movements and the sun.


Trump’s climate plans look stormy

12 November, 2016 – The US president-elect has called global warming a hoax and climate science bullshit. What do Donald Trump’s climate plans mean for international agreements?


American Muslims ditch fossil fuels

11 November, 2016 – An influential group of American Muslims announces its commitment to end investment in fossil fuels and urges its partners to follow suit.


Electric floor sparks power from footfalls

29 October, 2016 – In a new burst of inventiveness in developing renewable energy, scientists have found how to generate electricity from people walking on an electric floor.

nuclear hinkley

UK opens world nuclear showroom

23 October, 2016 − Nuclear power companies from across the world are jumping at the chance to build their new reactors in the UK.

India solar power

India’s solar power set to outshine coal

21 October, 2016 – Solar power in India will be cheaper than imported coal by 2020, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs for a growing population – but the challenge is enormous.

climate agreement Paris

Climate treaty races towards hazy future

6 October, 2016 – The far-reaching Paris Agreement on tackling climate change is close to taking effect − but how just how effective it may prove is far from clear.


Fabric creates energy for power dressing

23 September, 2016 – New hi-tech fabric that harnesses energy from motion and the sun illustrates how scientific ingenuity is creating ways to help tackle climate change.


Emissions targets need all-electric cars

20 September, 2016 – Cutting emissions to meet the internationally-agreed limits on global temperature rise will require an end soon to all fossil-fuelled cars.

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