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Sea change in renewables market forces

10 November, 2015 – New and cheaper ways are rapidly being floated for countries with deep seas off their coasts to exploit the free energy from wind and tidal power.


‘Dragon water’ could power the planet

5 November, 2015 − The quest is on to develop new technology that can tap the intense heat deep below the Earth’s surface and supply the whole world with electricity.

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Cash is key to Paris climate talks success

2 November, 2015 − Former key figure in UN climate change policy-making says economists now see that development without destroying the environment is the only way forward.


Downsizing may be the new nuclear option

9 October, 2015 – As delays and spiralling costs hit plans for big nuclear power stations, building thousands of small reactors could be part of a strategy to fight climate change.


UK accused of rigging market against renewables

7 October, 2015 – As electricity from renewable sources tops 25% in the UK, the government is challenged to create a level playing field by scrapping nuclear and fossil-fuel subsidies.

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