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cloudy ice cap

Cloud blanket warms up melting icecap

30 January, 2016 – New study shows that up to 30% of the Greenland icecap melting is due to cloud cover that is helping to raise temperatures − and accelerate sea level rise.

CROP -- meltwater rivers

Ice melt speeds up sea level rise

9 January, 2016 – Scientists have found evidence suggesting that melting icecap water from the interior of Greenland is adding to sea level rise faster than previously realised.


Euphoria as Paris finally seals the deal

12 December, 2015 – COP21: “It is rare in any lifetime to have a chance to change the world”, declared France’s President François Hollande as the UN climate talks finally closed.


US town faces watery end from rising sea

10 December, 2015 – COP21: Despite being a strenuous doubter of the facts of climate change, the US will lose an entire town to rising sea level within the next century.

polar bear on sea ice

Climate heads for irreversible change

9 December, 2015 – COP21: With the UN climate conference still trying to agree how to tackle global warming, a scientific group warns that policy is ignoring the reality of a melting world.

CROP-- banjul beach

Money row may sink climate talks

3 December, 2015 − COP21: Developing nations accuse rich world of trying to duck climate change responsibility, and warn that the UN summit will fail unless they “get real” on financial aid.

Islands storm

Climate and laws trap islanders

2 December, 2015 − COP21: People on low-lying islands threatened by climate-related disasters are barred from seeking sanctuary because they are classed as economic migrants.

sea level rise

Planet’s future hangs on Paris legacy

29 November, 2015 − COP21: Scientists warn that any emissions reduction targets agreed at the UN climate summit that opens tomorrow can only be a starting point for tackling global warming.

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