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Gas leaks

Gas leaks fuel climate change

26 September, 2016 – Gas leaks from pipelines and wells are a source of methane emissions that could be easily fixed.


US faces megadroughts and superstorms

25 October, 2016 – New studies warn that megadroughts and superstorms could become regular events in the US if if burning fossil fuels continues.

nuclear hinkley

UK opens world nuclear showroom

23 October, 2016 − Nuclear power companies from across the world are jumping at the chance to build their new reactors in the UK.

carbon tax rice china

Border carbon tax could cut emissions

20 October, 2016 – Major trading countries are urged to make a big contribution to the battle against climate change by introducing a carbon tax on imports.


Revolutionary plan can save rainforest

14 October, 2016 − Amazon rainforest could be used as a ‘factory’ for biotechnology products instead of being destroyed by looting, burning and mining.

insects fried crickets

Tasty insects benefit poor and climate

13 October, 2016 − New research shows how nutrient-rich insects can make a big contribution to diet in poor countries – and help in the fight against climate change.

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