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gas drilling cemetry

Perfect storm heads for fossil fuel assets

25 November, 2015 – Coal, oil and gas sectors warned that trillions of dollars of assets could be stranded if a global agreement on limiting climate change is reached at the UN summit in Paris.

burning bush

Fires point to religions’ climate impact

23 November, 2015 – Link detected between religious days of observance and reductions in the big “active fires” that can impact on global warming by sending aerosols into the atmosphere.

Port Jackson shark

Sharks’ plight highlights climate threats

20 November, 2015 − Species in the oceans and on land and ice are increasingly feeling the effects – largely for the worst – that climate change and ocean acidification have on their habitats.

CROP 0-- Itaipu Dam

Brazil faces serious power and crop losses

19 November 2015 – Scientists warn that Brazil can expect falling hydroelectric supplies and severe crop failures by 2040 as climate change reduces rainfall and increases drought.

Lake in Sweden

Warming ups the lake ‘chimney’ emissions

17 November, 2015 – Scientists show that many of the world’s millions of lakes will probably release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as global temperatures increase.

CROP -- snowpack

Global warming drains the water of life

13 November, 2015 – New research warns that rising temperatures are reducing the mountain snow on which billions of people in lowland areas depend for their water supply.

solar farm

Biggest economies still backing fossil fuels 

12 November, 2015 – Analysts say the world’s 20 leading economies give nearly four times as much in subsidies to fossil fuel production as total global subsidies to renewable energy.


Sea change in renewables market forces

10 November, 2015 – New and cheaper ways are rapidly being floated for countries with deep seas off their coasts to exploit the free energy from wind and tidal power.

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