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Climate brings hard times for tea

24 April, 2016 – Research in China shows that the changing pattern of longer and heavier monsoon rainfall in east Asia is having a detrimental effect on the yield and quality of tea.

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Drought-hit California feels pressure

9 April, 2016 − Scientists say that storms carrying desperately-needed water to California are being diverted by a band of high pressure that coincides with rainfall and temperature extremes.

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Sea sends early warning of heatwaves

8 April, 2016 – Surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean can give the US Midwest and East Coast 50 days’ notice to prepare itself for a dangerous spell of extreme heat.

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Climate helped to trigger Angkor’s fall

4 March, 2016 – Scientific evidence is growing that the decline of once-mighty Angkor, the famed temple site in modern Cambodia, was in large part due to abrupt climate change.


Heat is heading for new extremes

2 March, 2016 – Researchers warn that more areas of the world will swelter more often in potentially lethal heatwaves unless greenhouse gas emissions are drastically curtailed.

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Climate stirred ancient political turmoil

10 February, 2016 – Volcanic eruptions that triggered climatic extremes could have heralded deadly plague and famine in Europe and undermined the Roman empire.

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Oceans are heating up at the double

6 February, 2016 – Records from a sailing ship’s round-the-world research voyage almost 150 years ago provide further evidence that the Earth is continuing to warm unchecked.

Harvesting wheat near Blyth in the mid north of South Australia. 1986.

Weather extremes slash cereal yields

8 January, 2016 – Increasing intensity of heat and drought as a result of global warming may have caused worldwide cereal harvests to be cut by up to a tenth since the mid-1960s.

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