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Climate stirred ancient political turmoil

10 February, 2016 – Volcanic eruptions that triggered climatic extremes could have heralded deadly plague and famine in Europe and undermined the Roman empire.

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Oceans are heating up at the double

6 February, 2016 – Records from a sailing ship’s round-the-world research voyage almost 150 years ago provide further evidence that the Earth is continuing to warm unchecked.

Harvesting wheat near Blyth in the mid north of South Australia. 1986.

Weather extremes slash cereal yields

8 January, 2016 – Increasing intensity of heat and drought as a result of global warming may have caused worldwide cereal harvests to be cut by up to a tenth since the mid-1960s.


Whaling history’s clues to climate future

4 January, 2016 – Citizen scientists are helping to glean sea-ice and weather data from the logs of 19th-century whaling ships to gain a better understanding of Arctic climate change.

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Nobel laureates’ climate tragedy alert

8 December, 2015 – COP21: Some of the world’s leading scientists are backing a declaration warning of the disastrous consequences of not limiting global emissions.


Wise words rise from climate disasters

7 December, 2015 – COP21: Planning and preparation can lessen the heavy human toll of natural disasters linked to climate change, survivors tell UN summit delegates.

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Scientists post extreme weather warning

6 December, 2015 – COP21: Climate change means that temperate Europe faces the twin threat of life-threatening heatwaves and periods of bitter cold over the next 20 years.


India blames climate for Chennai floods

6 December, 2015 – COP21: As the Indian city of Chennai struggles to cope after floods that have killed hundreds and left thousands homeless, India blames climate change.

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Climate and laws trap islanders

2 December, 2015 − COP21: People on low-lying islands threatened by climate-related disasters are barred from seeking sanctuary because they are classed as economic migrants.

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Climate change threatens US influence

2 December, 2015 – Security experts say a modern Marshall Plan of aid for the Asia-Pacific region is needed to protect US strategic and economic interests from climate-related challenges.

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