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Nuclear sunset overtakes fading dreams

21 January, 2019 − As atomic energy gets ever more difficult to afford and renewables become steadily cheaper, a nuclear sunset awaits plans for new plants.

Battery boom aids climate change battle

18 January, 2019 − The fastest-expanding industrial sector on the planet is now electricity storage − a battery boom which heralds an end to the need for fossil fuels.

More vegetables, less meat for all our sakes

17 January, 2019 − Researchers are clear: the healthy diet for a healthy planet is more vegetables, less meat. What matters is the food that’s served, and the way it’s produced too.

Salt-free drinkable water comes at a cost

15 January, 2019 – Two thirds of the world worries about water for at least a month annually. One successful source of salt-free drinkable water leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Warming may mean sea levels 30 cms higher

14 January, 2019 − Warmer oceans mean higher tides, bigger storm surges and heavier rainstorms. With ocean temperatures rising ever faster, sea levels 30 cms higher are possible by 2100.

Migrant birds face risk in earlier springs

11 January, 2019 – Spring in the high latitudes is arriving ever earlier. But migrant birds from the tropics may not realise that, and faulty timing could cost them their lives.

Ocean warming speeds vary with depth

10 January, 2019 − The world’s oceans are a vast reservoir of heat, a slow register of natural climate change − and ocean warming speeds differ widely.

Satellites can be sustainable monitors

9 January, 2019 − Remote sensing by satellites and sound recorders could yield answers to complex global questions and reveal what is happening in the world’s great forests.

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