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Amazon in peril as Brazil cools on climate

12 December, 2018 − The man who will become Brazil’s president next month is cold-shouldering moves to tame the pace of climate change, leaving the Amazon in peril.

Extinction toll may be far worse than thought

11 December, 2018 − Yet again, researchers have confirmed that climate change threatens the natural world with a soaring extinction toll. The danger may be much higher than anyone imagined.

VW says climate drives its electric spurt

10 December, 2018 – Reputation and public confidence in your products are vital for global corporations, especially for one of the world’s biggest carmakers – hence VW’s electric spurt.

2018 will show record carbon emissions

6 December, 2018 – Record carbon emissions are set to mark 2018. And although investment in renewable energy is rising, the world is still warming dangerously fast.

Climate treaty plan urged to cut warming

3 December, 2018 − To inject some urgency into efforts to slow planetary warming, scientists, politicians and citizens are mulling how far a climate treaty plan could help.

Tripled climate cuts needed to fulfil pledge

28 November, 2018 − The gap between the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and countries’ planned reductions is growing, and only tripled climate cuts can reduce global warming enough, researchers say.

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