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Flourishing forests pose carbon questions

15 October, 2018 − Conservation of forests is a vital part of the attempt to contain global warming − but thicker growth may not be as helpful as many assume.

Well-fed world can slow warming too

12 October, 2018 – The well-fed world scientists say is possible by 2050 could also halve global warming emissions. But it would have to lose its appetite for meat.

Fire and drought threaten China and Europe

9 October, 2018 – 9 October, 2018 – Even if nations do limit global warming, fire and drought will remain threats, ravaging more harvests in China and setting more of Europe ablaze.

Slower climate warming is still possible

8 October, 2018 – The world can achieve slower climate warming, preventing temperatures from rising by more than 1.5˚C, a global scientific panel says. But time is short.

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