Alpine plants face risk from growing climate heat

March 1, 2021
Like many mountainous regions, the European Alps are warming fast. Alpine plants will suffer – and life below ground as well.

UN survival plan offers new hope for the planet

February 26, 2021
A bold UN survival plan could put nature back in charge of the Earth − and researchers explain why that should happen.

Corporate climate polluters must pay for damage

February 25, 2021
Who should pay the huge costs of climate change's damage? There's a case for corporate climate polluters to contribute.

Hope springs eternal for species facing extinction

February 22, 2021
Extinction is for ever, but not inevitable. Some threatened species are now surprising survivors. Can others follow suit?

How to rebuild a forest in a growing climate crisis

February 19, 2021
A global energy company’s mistake renewed debate on how to slow the climate crisis. Trees can help − but where, and how?

India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future

February 18, 2021
India must adopt a clean energy policy, a real industrial revolution, if the world is to slow the rising climate crisis.

Refugees and wildlife face risk from border walls

February 17, 2021
Not only humans but four-legged migrants are at risk from border walls. Other species can be climate refugees too.

Millions will die if world fails on climate promises

February 16, 2021
Action to keep climate promises could prevent millions of deaths each year. Unless nations try harder, that won’t happen.

Bill Gates: A stark and simple message for the world

February 15, 2021
His new book affirms what climate scientists have been saying for decades. But Bill Gates says it well, all the same.

Solar power’s future could soon be overshadowed

February 12, 2021
Despite its recent runaway success, solar power’s future as a key way to counter climate chaos could soon be at risk.

Carbon-free future is in reach for the US by 2050

February 11, 2021
America could have a carbon-free future by 2050 with a big switch to wind and solar power, say US government scientists.

Small may prove beautiful for the nuclear industry

February 10, 2021
The nuclear industry in much of the world is struggling to survive. Reverting to small reactors may be its best hope.

Wild flowers and bees contend with climate heat

February 9, 2021
Many alpine flowers could soon fade out. Some bees may be buzzing off. The wild things are victims of climate heat.

UNESCO link ‘helps to greenwash gas exporters’

February 8, 2021
EXCLUSIVE: A big UN agency, UNESCO, is harming action on the climate crisis by partnering with gas exporters, critics say.

Science suggests possible climate link to Covid-19

February 5, 2021
Researchers think there could be a climate link to Covid-19. In which case, worse could yet happen.

Recovering atmospheric carbon can make new fuel

February 4, 2021
Taking atmospheric carbon dioxide from the air to make fuel could tackle two threats: greenhouse gases and oil shortage.

Rising sea levels may make some airports unusable

February 3, 2021
High flyers could soon have a problem with high water. Rising sea levels could one day shut down airports.

Ireland’s peat is helping to fight climate chaos

February 2, 2021
A winning natural way to absorb greenhouse gases, Ireland’s peat is one route for the country to tackle the climate crisis.

Bolsonaro’s Brazil is becoming a climate pariah

February 1, 2021
Bolsonaro's Brazil cuts environment funding despite rising forest losses and fires in the Amazon and elsewhere.

Human rubbish is smothering the planet’s oceans

January 29, 2021
In a throwaway world garbage may be unseen, but not gone. Human rubbish is everywhere, from ocean abyss to coastal mud.