Ireland looks forward to a greener future

July 6, 2020
Often called the Emerald Isle, Ireland prides itself on its green image – but the reality has been rather different.

UK’s nuclear plans flounder through muddy dispute

July 3, 2020
Arguments over where to dump huge amounts of potentially radioactive mud are now ensnarling the UK’s nuclear plans.

Less rain will fall during Mediterranean winters

July 2, 2020
Mediterranean winters could bring 40% less rain, hurting farmers in what’s called the cradle of agriculture – and not only farmers.

Climate change caused havoc 2000 years ago

July 1, 2020
An Alaskan volcano once spurred climate change, darkening Mediterranean skies, launching a famine and possibly changing history.

Ocean sensitivity may lower carbon emissions cuts

June 30, 2020
Ocean sensitivity to atmospheric change is well established. But just how sensitive the oceans are remains a surprise to science.

Ancient coal fires led to prehistoric extinctions

June 29, 2020
Did eruptions set ancient coal fires burning? Global heating happened 250 million years ago, just as it is happening now.

The wetter world ahead will suffer worse droughts

June 29, 2020
Things are bad now, but worse droughts are coming. More rain will fall in a warmer world, but not where and when we need it.

Clean ships needed now to cut polluting emissions

June 25, 2020
The vessels plying the world’s oceans release huge volumes of polluting emissions. Existing fleets badly need a clean-up.

Nature’s accounts show what the world does for us

June 24, 2020
People go on getting richer, and the planet pays a mounting price. There’s a better way to balance nature’s accounts.

Antarctic melting could bring a much hotter future

June 23, 2020
Antarctic melting can force sea ice retreat of 50 metres daily. CO2 levels are at their highest for 23 million years. Learn from the past.

Sport’s carbon footprint is global bad news

June 22, 2020
The result of sport’s carbon footprint is worldwide damage. And global heating is itself penalising players and fans alike.

‘Climate progressives’ fail on Paris carbon target

June 19, 2020
Even states seen as “climate progressives” are far from meeting their global commitments to avert dangerous climate change.

Nuclear power uses market fix to stifle wind energy

June 18, 2020
UK wind energy is forced to shut down to let more expensive nuclear stations go on operating at full power.

Threatened mangrove forests won’t protect coasts

June 17, 2020
Rising tides driven by global heating could swamp the mangrove forests – bad news for the natural world, and for humans.

Markets reel as oil major opts to downgrade itself

June 16, 2020
It’s all change as one oil major writes down its assets, seeing a possible 30-year slump ahead in global demand.

Ocean warming spurs marine life to rapid migration

June 15, 2020
Far from the sunlight and even at the lowest temperatures, ocean warming is making marine life uncomfortable.

Fewer blizzards for North America as snow lessens

June 12, 2020
A warming world means milder winters and softer springs. It will also mean fewer blizzards, with milder impacts.

Unanswered questions dog UK’s new nuclear plans

June 11, 2020
A French company has designs on the United Kingdom: new nuclear plans for more reactors, with British consumers footing the bill.

Carbon-neutral aircraft might work with ion drive

June 10, 2020
Ion drive works in outer space. Just possibly, plasma power could fill the skies with carbon-neutral aircraft.

Forest trees are growing shorter and dying younger

June 9, 2020
Temperatures could get too high for tropical forests, and forest trees everywhere are changing in response to human action.