Oceanic carbon uptake could falter

March 20, 2019
What does oceanic carbon uptake achieve? Greenhouse gas that sinks below the waves slows global warming a little and makes the water more acidic.

The day the Earth’s climate went berserk

March 19, 2019
The day in 1815 when the world’s climate went berserk was only the start of months and years of global climate disruption and social unrest.

Green New Deal aims for triple payback

March 18, 2019
Support is growing for a plan to tackle climate change, our economic crisis and deepening social divisions together − the Green New Deal.

Uncertain futures warn world to act as one

March 15, 2019
Different computer simulations deliver variant and uncertain futures. One research team has studied millions. And in most cases the outlook remains ominous.

Cocoa fuel combats climate change

March 14, 2019
If you like chocolate you'll love this: the same tree that provides your indulgent treat is helping to slow climate change, thanks to cocoa fuel.

More acidic seas devour marine food web

March 13, 2019
As more acidic seas spread across the globe, conditions for survival start to change. That could close vast volumes of ocean for vital forms of life.

Paris climate pledge would help world fishing

March 12, 2019
Honouring the Paris climate pledge would provide a fair catch for the world’s fishing fleets. Warm up the oceans, though, and everyone loses.

Human growth robs other species of space

March 11, 2019
As human growth adds to our numbers and demands, other species’ survival chances shrink. Scientists can now name 1,700 creatures at ever greater risk.

Greenland’s winter rain melts icecap faster

March 8, 2019
Its huge icecap is thawing faster because Greenland’s winter rain means its snows are being washed away, or falling at higher altitudes.

For offshore wind turbines size matters

March 7, 2019
As turbines grow in size and costs tumble, offshore wind turbines, both floating and fixed to the seabed, have vast potential.

Pacific climate wobble speeds Arctic ice melt

March 6, 2019
Thanks to a natural sea temperature cycle, a Pacific climate wobble, the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free in the summer in a decade or two.

Off-the-shelf nuclear reactors seek buyers

March 5, 2019
The nuclear industry's fierce fight for survival is leading several countries to develop smaller, off-the-shelf nuclear reactors.

Food supply falls as fish flee warmer seas

March 4, 2019
On the fishing grounds, they already know about global warming. As fish flee warmer seas there are winners – but many more losers.

Food security at risk as web of life unravels

March 1, 2019
Biodiversity, the web of life, is on the decline. That includes the natural ecosystems that directly and indirectly manage the catering for humanity’s supper table.

Young forests use carbon most effectively

February 28, 2019
As greenhouse gas consumers, young forests use carbon more industriously in the temperate and cool zones than older forests.

Carbon rise could cause cloud tipping point

February 27, 2019
The planet’s temperature could zoom in an ever more greenhouse world, as researchers identify a dangerous possible cloud tipping point.

World may hit 56m year carbon level by 2159

February 26, 2019
Long ago the polar ice vanished and tropical animals swam the Arctic. Greenhouse gases could reach that 56m year carbon level again in 140 years.

Chernobyl’s legacy imperils many thousands

February 25, 2019
More than 30 years after it exploded, Chernobyl’s legacy still casts a baleful shadow over hundreds of thousands of lives.

Climate change stokes mayhem in several ways

February 22, 2019
Three outcomes could follow if climate change stokes mayhem, conflict and violence. It might be helpful to think about the strains to come.

Southward shift faces US climate by 2100

February 21, 2019
Climate change means a big shift for city dwellers worldwide. Americans can look ahead to very different cities as the US climate heads south.