Weights show the way to cheap stored power

November 22, 2019
New ways to generate renewable electricity will offer cheap stored power and a solution to balancing supply and demand.

Arctic’s oldest ice shows signs of change

November 21, 2019
There’s change afoot even where scientists least expect it, among the Arctic’s oldest ice. If it goes, so does the wildlife.

Building with bamboo can cool the climate

November 20, 2019
If you want to cut global temperatures try building with bamboo, say UK-based researchers studying its thermal properties.

Forest damage costs far more than thought

November 19, 2019
Tropical forest damage is bad enough. New thinking suggests it could prove far more ruinous in terms of the climate crisis.

Scientists’ climate gap is narrowing

November 18, 2019
A poll shows scientists' climate gap is shrinking − between their work on climate change and their own response to it.

New-borns face multiple climate health risks

November 15, 2019
Multiple climate health risks threaten today’s babies. They may grow up hungrier, more diseased and facing more pollution and danger. But there's hope.

Greenhouse gases drive Australia’s bushfires

November 14, 2019
Australia's bushfires are feeding on heat from the climate change happening in the tropics, but its government doesn't want to know.

Global climate treaty is not working

November 13, 2019
Three out of four nations have yet to start to honour the global climate treaty. The world waits, the seas go on rising – and greenhouse gases too.

Cuba’s urban farming shows way to avoid hunger

November 12, 2019
Urban farming, Cuban-style, is being hailed as an example of how to feed ourselves when climate change threatens serious food shortages.

‘Untold suffering’ lies ahead in hotter world

November 11, 2019
Global heating could bring “untold suffering” for humans. It could also mean less fresh water and less rice, though tasting more of arsenic.

Indigenous firefighters tackle Brazil’s blazes

November 8, 2019
If the fires raging across the Amazon are controlled, much of the credit should go to the indigenous firefighters with intimate knowledge of the terrain.

Climate ‘is the election priority’ for the UK

November 7, 2019
Britain’s general election campaign is squarely focused on the UK leaving the EU. But persuasive voices say the climate 'is the election priority'.

Rising heat drives hungry people to hospital

November 6, 2019
When the heat is on, hospital admissions rise for already undernourished and hungry people. As the mercury rises, so do the case loads.

Climate threat from inhalers can prove costly

November 5, 2019
The climate threat from inhalers used by millions to combat asthma and other breathing problems can also waste scarce resources.

New land height metric raises sea level rise risk

November 4, 2019
Millions of us now live in danger: we could be at risk from future high tides and winds, says a new approach to measuring land height.

Waste plastic can find a useful new life

November 1, 2019
Here’s what to do with all that waste plastic, the scrap, waste and flotsam: turn it back into brand-new plastic and use it again, and again.

Carbon capture is vital for planet, scientists say

October 31, 2019
Carbon capture and storage is now proved to work and is essential to prevent global average temperatures exceeding 1.5°C, Norwegian scientists say.

World’s species numbers stay much the same

October 30, 2019
Life is on the move. In ecosystems everywhere, the mix of creatures is changing for better and worse. The world’s species remain diverse. But for how long?

Warming forces world of ice into retreat

October 21, 2019
New evidence from the air, space, atmospheric chemistry and old records is testament to global warming impacts on the speed of change in the frozen world.

India builds homes to resist climate-linked floods

October 18, 2019
Bamboo, lime and mud are traditional materials being used innovatively in southern India to rebuild homes that can withstand the impact of recurring floods.