A second US Dust Bowl would hit world food stocks

March 27, 2020
When the US Great Plains are hit again by sustained drought, the world’s food stocks will feel the heat.

Fast pandemic response could tackle climate crisis

March 26, 2020
Societies worldwide are changing overnight to meet the coronavirus threat. The climate crisis should match the rapid pandemic response.

Regional nuclear war could bring global hunger

March 25, 2020
Limited nuclear war could certainly slow planetary heating. But it could also cast a lethal wider chill, unleashing global hunger.

Efficient energy cuts UK electricity’s carbon output

March 24, 2020
The United Kingdom leads the way in cutting carbon output from electricity production, to the surprise of its political leaders.

Vegetation holds key to climate control

March 23, 2020
New studies shine a light on the intricate relationship in which climate affects vegetation, which in turn impacts on the global climate.

Extreme summer heat puts millions at risk

March 20, 2020
20 March, 2020 – Summer on much of the planet could get too hot for comfort by the end of the century, with more than a billion people seriously affected by extreme heat.

Polar ice melt raises sea level dangers

March 19, 2020
Greenland’s polar ice is now melting far faster than 30 years ago, Antarctic ice is retreating at an accelerating rate, and sea levels are creeping up.

India finally takes climate crisis seriously

March 18, 2020
With financial losses and a heavy death toll from climate-related disasters constantly rising, India is at last focusing on the dangers of global warming.

Rainforest and reef systems face collapse

March 17, 2020
In less than a human lifetime, the world’s greatest rainforest could become parched grassland and scrub, and the Caribbean coral reef system could collapse completely.

Amazon rainforest reaches point of no return

March 16, 2020
LONDON, 16 March, 2020 – Brazilian rainforest expert warns that increased deforestation under President Bolsonaro’s regime is having a catastrophic effect on climate.

Tropical forests may be heating Earth by 2035

March 6, 2020
Climate change so far has meant more vigorous forest growth as greenhouse gases rise. The tropical forests may soon change that.

Sandy beaches may succumb to rising seas

March 5, 2020
Ever higher seas are already eroding shorelines and flooding coasts. Soon the waves could wash away half the world’s sandy beaches.

North Sea dams could save Europe’s coasts

March 4, 2020
There is a way to stop Europe’s coastal cities from vanishing below the waves – enclose the North Sea. But there’s a simpler solution.

Shrinking Arctic ice slows fish breeding rates

March 3, 2020
A food source for many species spawns under the Arctic ice. Now fish breeding problems, caused by ice melt, threaten its future.

Hunger threat as tropical fish seek cooler waters

March 2, 2020
As climate heating drives tropical fish to seek survival elsewhere, humans will be left without the protein they need.

Schools for girls can help to answer climate crisis

February 28, 2020
Educating both halves of humankind seems a no-brainer. Schools for girls could transform climate protection − and so much else.

US state plans fossil fuel tax to fund schooling

February 27, 2020
The US state of Maryland is proposing a fossil fuel tax to pay for pre-school education and to promote electric cars.

Rising tides will leave no choice for US millions

February 26, 2020
Time and tide wait for no-one. As sea levels rise, the rising tides will become more impatient. Millions of Americans will have to migrate.

A third of plants and animals risk mass extinction

February 25, 2020
As planetary temperatures rise, the chances of species survival lessen. Mass extinction is coming. The challenge is to measure the loss.

Old batteries can be source of new energy

February 24, 2020
How to dispose of old batteries from redundant electric vehicles? The good news: we can harvest their valuable contents to make new ones.