Hotter worlds cut humans’ size − and their brains?

July 14, 2021
In a greenhouse world, humans' size could shrink. And there is a hint of hazard to thinking capacity as well.

Livestock’s harmful climate impact is growing fast

July 13, 2021
Lobbyists are trying to downplay livestock’s harmful climate impact, which adds large amounts of methane to the atmosphere.

Wind power bids to save the North Sea oil industry

July 12, 2021
Can the world’s largest floating offshore wind farms help the North Sea oil industry to cut carbon emissions? Should they?

Extreme heat and cold kill five million every year

July 9, 2021
Five million people die annually of ever more extreme temperatures. And this is happening now on five continents.

Waste plastic deluge could soon prove irreversible

July 8, 2021
The waste plastic deluge fouling the world’s beaches could be more than just an eyesore. It could be a toxic timebomb.

More carbon dioxide will dry world’s rainforests

July 7, 2021
More carbon dioxide could parch the rainforest as effectively as the woodman’s axe or farmer’s torch. Both are on the cards.

Arctic’s coldest sea ice is vulnerable to melting

July 6, 2021
Every year an ice floe as big as Austria simply vanishes. That’s climate change, as the Arctic’s coldest sea ice risks melting.

Melting tropical glaciers sound an early warning

July 5, 2021
Climate change means melting tropical glaciers are losing frozen landscapes of great beauty − and high value to millions.

Orkney’s renewable energy to fuel foreign needs

July 2, 2021
The tough climate of the North Atlantic is an ideal proving ground for Orkney’s renewable energy boom.

Cut poverty and energy use to cool the climate

July 1, 2021
To cut poverty and energy use would cool the planet, build a more just society − but end dreams of economic growth.

Ireland presses UN to agree a global fracking ban

June 30, 2021
Campaign groups urging the United Nations to adopt a global fracking ban say they have won the backing of Ireland.

Climate heat is changing Earth’s water cycle

June 29, 2021
Humans have begun to alter Earth’s water cycle. and not in a good way: expect later monsoon rains and thirstier farmlands.

Nuclear legacy is a costly headache for the future

June 28, 2021
How do you safely store spent nuclear waste? No-one knows. It’ll be a costly headache for our descendants.

Shape-shifting birds in US skies surprise science

June 25, 2021
The seasons are changing: American avian migrants are now increasingly shape-shifting birds. Their corpses tell an odd story.

‘People need facts on climate’ from Boris Johnson

June 24, 2021
The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, is urged by advisers to step up and tell people the facts on climate.

Drought and famine stalk desperate Madagascar

June 23, 2021
Erratic rainfall, locusts and cyclones are causing havoc in desperate Madagascar. Now the climate crisis adds to the misery.

Let nature restore itself on its own for best results

June 22, 2021
Don’t meddle: let nature restore itself on its own. Old forest will spread over nearby farmland. It’s cheap, and often best.

Climate heat’s tides may rise above safety levels

June 21, 2021
Millions will either have to flee from climate heat’s tides, or find new ways to stay above water.

As climate heat worsens, a hungrier world is likely

June 18, 2021
A hotter world will mean a hungrier world. On the evidence so far, the world’s farmers cannot adapt fast enough.

UK’s ‘really shocking’ climate record is damned

June 17, 2021
Britain, host of November’s UN talks, COP-26, is pilloried by its own advisers for the UK’s “really shocking” climate record.