Changing rainfall poses dilemma on dams

May 23, 2019
A changing climate usually means changing rainfall patterns. And that means a headache for dam builders.

Sea level rise may double forecast for 2100

May 22, 2019
Scientists say global sea level rise could far exceed predictions because of faster melting in Greenland and Antarctica.

Wilder world can slow climate change

May 21, 2019
If you want to tackle climate change and restore once-familiar animals at the same time, a wilder world can help − naturally.

Desert dust cools vulnerable Red Sea corals

May 20, 2019
Desert dust whipped up by strong winds and volcanic aerosols alter the climate as the world warms.

Carbon farming can slash CO2 emissions

May 17, 2019
US entrepreneurs say a new technique − carbon farming, improving the health of the soil − can achieve big cuts in atmospheric carbon.

Brazil spurns do-it-yourself solar power

May 16, 2019
Brazilian Customs imagine that parts for a do-it-yourself solar power scheme to help remote communities are luxury goods, and tax them accordingly.

Car giant plumps for carbon neutrality

May 15, 2019
Germany's major automotive supplier chooses to go for carbon neutrality as it joins the climate change fast lane.

Crops at risk from changing climate

May 14, 2019
Global warming could bring yet more challenges to a hungry world. New studies have identified precise ways in which a changing climate puts crops at risk.

Half of melting glaciers could go by 2100

May 13, 2019
Melting glaciers worldwide – all treasured for their beauty and as sources of summer water – could be half gone by 2100.

Irish schools fail to teach climate change

May 10, 2019
Students at Irish schools are being let down by the country’s education system, say lawmakers demanding full climate change literacy.

Arctic soils may produce huge methane leak

May 9, 2019
Arctic soils tell an ominous story. Change in the high latitudes could be swifter and more devastating than anyone had imagined.

New orchards offer life to wild species

May 8, 2019
While many of the UK’s traditional orchards are vanishing, new orchards are being planted to help wildlife and to slow global warming.

Humans drive sixth mass extinction wave

May 7, 2019
For the sixth time since life on Earth began, scientists say, mass extinction is a threat. This time, though, is different. The cause is us.

Marine microbes may fuel ocean warming

May 6, 2019
Warmer air means warmer seas, and marine microbes in warmer seas could mean yet warmer air. The climate cycle could get increasingly vicious.

UK climate emergency is official policy

May 3, 2019
Major changes in the government’s policy on fossil fuels will be vital to tackling the UK climate emergency that Parliament has recognised.

Human impact on climate is 100 years old

May 2, 2019
When did the human impact on climate begin? At least a century ago, with the arrival of the bi-plane, the chauffeur-driven car and the Jazz Age.

Heat makes ocean winds and waves fiercer

May 1, 2019
The seas are rising. Ocean winds and waves are growing in speed and force. The oceans could be feeling the heat.

Fossil fuels outbid by renewable revolution

April 30, 2019
Rapid progress in the solar and wind industries mean they are outcompeting fossil fuels in key markets − a renewable revolution.

Cold-blooded sealife runs double heat risk

April 29, 2019
Extremes of heat are twice as risky for cold-blooded sealife as for other ectotherms. A hot rock could be safer than the deep sea.

Fast Arctic melt could cost $70 trillion

April 26, 2019
Polar change, notably the fast Arctic melt, could impose huge costs on world economies. New evidence shows how rapidly the frozen north is changing.