Brazilians reject Bolsonaro’s nuclear plan

July 6, 2019
The prospect of more atomic energy for Brazil, envisaged under President Bolsonaro’s nuclear plan, fails to impress many of his compatriots.

Planting more trees could cut carbon by 25%

July 5, 2019
Scientists now know where to start restoring the forests to soak up carbon and cool the planet, by planting more trees on unused land.

Keep climate teaching real and honest

July 4, 2019
Many schools now routinely include climate teaching. A British teacher says her profession should tell the full story as directly as it can.

Climate crisis needs radical food changes

July 3, 2019
From farm to fork, agriculture fuels global heating. Can the world eat well, but stay a little cooler? That will need radical food changes.

Ancient water-saving can help modern Peru

July 2, 2019 Ancient water-saving methods may help Lima, Peru’s capital, through its water crisis, caused by climate change and population growth.

Climate change blamed as Chennai runs dry

July 1, 2019
The monsoon’s failure and government mismanagement in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are being blamed as Chennai runs dry.

Microbes hold the balance in climate crisis

June 28, 2019
You need powerful microscopes to see microbes. Few microbiologists claim to know much about most of them. But they are vital in the climate crisis

Household tissue is a climate issue

June 27, 2019
Trees are the source of much of our household tissue. And trees and soil store huge quantities of carbon to add to greenhouse gas totals.

Solar future shines ever more brightly

June 26, 2019
Progress in China, the US and elsewhere shows an increasingly positive solar future as fuel from the sun grows cheaper and more abundant.

Ice-free Greenland possible in 1,000 years

June 25, 2019
Look far enough ahead and in a millennium an ice-free Greenland is a possibility, scientists say. Sea levels too will be a lot higher by then.

Pursuit of profit won’t solve climate crisis

June 24, 2019
Every answer has a cost. Every choice exacts a penalty. A new book reminds readers there are no easy answers to the climate crisis.

US military is huge greenhouse gas emitter

June 21, 2019
The US military is now the 47th greenhouse gas emitter. A machine powered to keep the world safer paradoxically increases the levels of climate danger.

Himalayan melt rate doubles in 40 years

June 20, 2019
The pace of glacier thawing on the roof of the world has doubled in 40 years, scientists say, with the Himalayan melt rate affected by climate heating.

Very heavy rain bouts are on the way

June 19, 2019
Here is the long-term forecast. Rain will become more torrential, flash floods more frequent. Very heavy rain is a simple response to global temperatures.

Paris treaty would cut US heat peril

June 18, 2019
Even in rich, air-conditioned America, people die in extreme heat. The US heat peril means more will die. Political decisions will decide how many more.

Hydrogen can replace natural gas by 2050

June 17, 2019
Engineers say there is no technical reason why hydrogen cannot replace natural gas to make electricity, heat homes and for cooking.

Climate crisis raises risk of conflict

June 14, 2019
A warmer world will be more dangerous. As the thermometer rises, so does the risk of conflict and bloodshed in more vulnerable regions.

Most protected areas lack proper policing

June 13, 2019
On paper, nations are protecting their wilderness areas. In practice, most protected areas lack effective policing. Nature is not safe, even in reserves.

Rising US heat spurs urban rats’ numbers

June 12, 2019
It may not be the sole cause of US urban rats' rising numbers, but climate change’s growing heat is probably implicated.

African city heat is set to grow intolerably

June 11, 2019
Up to a third of urban dwellers could soon face extreme African city heat and humidity. Risks could at worst multiply 50-fold.