Western Europe cools on plans for nuclear power

November 25, 2020
As more reactors face closure, governments in Europe may prefer renewable energy to replace nuclear power.

Big builders’ plans threaten to wreck forest survival

November 24, 2020
Plans by corporate power and government investors risk corporate good intentions and national vows for forest survival.

Mixed farming beats intensive agriculture methods

November 23, 2020
It sounds like the conservationist’s dream. But a return to traditional mixed farming ways could pay off for farmers too.

Global heating may go on for five more centuries

November 20, 2020
Global heating now means more warming for 500 years ahead, even if all greenhouse emissions stop. Or is that too simple?

Warming puts surviving great tits in jeopardy

November 19, 2020
Among the best loved and most frequent visitors to gardens in the UK and elsewhere, great tits face mounting problems.

Shrinking world leaves less room for wild creatures

November 18, 2020
Wild creatures are losing their range. One day jaguars and rhinos, pandas and tigers, may have nowhere left to go.

Climate crisis finds ample answers in world’s trees

November 17, 2020
The world’s trees can build cities, devour carbon and feed developing countries' small farmers. It’s time to branch out.

Green spaces keep hearts healthy and save lives

November 16, 2020
Planting trees and creating urban parks brings more green spaces and cleaner air, cutting heart deaths and saving lives.

Food system causes one third of greenhouse gases

November 13, 2020
How we eat causes dangerous climate heating. It’s time to change not only our diet, but the entire global food system.

Greek island ditches fossil fuel cars to go green

November 12, 2020
For one Greek island the future is green. It’s switching from internal combustion-driven transport to electric vehicles.

More avoidable pandemics await a heedless world

November 11, 2020
There will be more avoidable pandemics, more devastating and lethal, as humans intrude further upon the planet’s forests.

Carbon speeds crop growth but often for little gain

November 10, 2020
More carbon dioxide speeds up crop growth with some key food harvests, but extra heat can hit the yield.

Scientists’ oath pledges full climate crisis facts

November 9, 2020
Do you ever feel you can’t share the reality of what you know about the climate crisis? A new scientists’ oath could help.

Natural hotspots lose ground to farms and cities

November 6, 2020
Nature concentrates its riches in selected spots. Save those natural hotspots, and you could save biodiversity. Really?

Covid-19’s spread: Into the second lockdown

November 5, 2020
Parts of the UK are in a second lockdown aimed at stopping Covid-19’s spread. The first one left some useful lessons.

Australian forests’ smoke climbed 20 miles in 2019

November 4, 2020
Blazing Australian forests made their mark high in the stratosphere and cast a cloud that lingered for months.

Japan faces another Fukushima disaster crisis

November 3, 2020
A plan to dump a million tonnes of radioactive water from the Fukushima disaster off Japan is alarming local people.

Rewilded farmland can save money − and the Earth

November 2, 2020
To save civilisation, try rewilded farmland. But that salvation depends on which land goes back to forest and savannah.

Geo-engineering: It’s probably not a good idea

October 30, 2020
Skyseed: geo-engineering the planet might be humankind's last desperate throw, says a tale by a geophysical hazard expert.

Africa’s resistance grows as climate crisis worsens

October 29, 2020
Battered by storms and droughts during a tough 2019, Africa's resistance to the climate crisis left no room for passivity.