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Clean energy can provide 100% of electricity

12 September, 2018 – All the electricity the world needs can come from clean energy, reliably and throughout the year, British researchers say, at any time of day or night.

15 September: Closed for a bit …

 … but not for long. Sorry everyone, but we’re having to stop the presses for a time – we’ve been brought to a halt by ill-health. It’s nothing serious, it shouldn’t last long – but it means we can’t publish anything for the moment. We plan to return on Monday 3 September, full of vim and vigour and with plenty to report. See you then! The Editors PS: We won’t be able to answer emails either for the duration.

China’s trade plan may cause lasting harm

1 June, 2018 – China’s trade plan could cause environmental catastrophe, scientists warn, because of its voracious appetite for natural resources and its climate impact.

Warming planet faces cooling crisis

15 May, 2018 – As climate change warms the Earth, one significant concern is the cooling crisis, the quest for energy-hungry artificial ways to keep ourselves cool.

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