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Climate treaty plan urged to cut warming

3 December, 2018 − To inject some urgency into efforts to slow planetary warming, scientists, politicians and citizens are mulling how far a climate treaty plan could help.

Tripled climate cuts needed to fulfil pledge

28 November, 2018 − The gap between the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and countries’ planned reductions is growing, and only tripled climate cuts can reduce global warming enough, researchers say.

Biofuel land grab will slash nature’s space

21 November, 2018 − Growing enough greenery to provide cleaner fuel and slow climate change will need a biofuel land grab: a 10 to 30-fold rise in land devoted to green crops.

UK scientists risk prison to urge action

31 October, 2018 − A group of British scientists and their supporters is willing to risk a prison term to press governments to tackle climate change and environmental crisis.

Doubled raw materials use is climate risk

24 October, 2018 − We’re using more and more raw materials to build the world anew: our demands will almost have doubled by 2060. That’s bad news for the climate.

Well-fed world can slow warming too

12 October, 2018 – The well-fed world scientists say is possible by 2050 could also halve global warming emissions. But it would have to lose its appetite for meat.

Slower climate warming is still possible

8 October, 2018 – The world can achieve slower climate warming, preventing temperatures from rising by more than 1.5˚C, a global scientific panel says. But time is short.

Clean energy can provide 100% of electricity

12 September, 2018 – All the electricity the world needs can come from clean energy, reliably and throughout the year, British researchers say, at any time of day or night.

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