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VW says climate drives its electric spurt

10 December, 2018 – Reputation and public confidence in your products are vital for global corporations, especially for one of the world’s biggest carmakers – hence VW’s electric spurt.

Iraq’s climate stresses are set to worsen

12 November, 2018 − After years of repression, invasion and conflict, Iraq’s climate stresses now threaten new miseries, including more intense heat and dwindling rainfall.

Ireland named as Europe’s climate laggard

4 September, 2018 – Called the Emerald Isle for its natural beauty, Ireland’s rising greenhouse gas emissions are earning it a grimmer reputation as Europe’s climate laggard.

Sausages inflate World Cup carbon budget

22 June, 2018 – Some climate change research is enlightening, some alarming, some baffling – and some, on soccer and sausages, might seem a little bizarre.

Warming world makes noses run

29 May, 2018 – Summer is the worst time for many allergies that make noses run and sufferers feel below par. They’re causing widespread misery just now.

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