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Extinction toll may be far worse than thought

11 December, 2018 − Yet again, researchers have confirmed that climate change threatens the natural world with a soaring extinction toll. The danger may be much higher than anyone imagined.

2018 will show record carbon emissions

6 December, 2018 – Record carbon emissions are set to mark 2018. And although investment in renewable energy is rising, the world is still warming dangerously fast.

Wild plant ancestors need more protection

27 NOVEMBER, 2018 – Everything that humans eat or drink comes directly or indirectly from plants. Many wild plant ancestors, of even the most precious species, could be at risk.

New plane can show geoengineering works

26 November, 2018 – With new aircraft, humans could potentially mimic volcanic action, dim the sunlight and slow global warming, making geoengineering work. It’s a controversial idea.

Hotter climate will cost Europe dear

23 November, 2018 – Unrestrained global warming and a hotter climate will cost Europe dear in lives lost and economies squeezed. Even if it’s limited, there’ll be a price to pay.

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