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Cooling a warmer world heats it even more

16 July, 2018 – Air conditioning is already a political hot potato. Refrigeration could soon be a burning issue. Cooling a warmer world will cost the Earth in climate terms.

Running water sheds light on carbon budget

6 July, 2018 – A surprising stretch of terrestrial rock and soil is actually covered by running water. New measurements could mean new accuracies for climate science.

World atlas traces Earth’s human scar

28 June, 2018 – Yet another global survey has identified the Earth’s human scar, the devastation of the Anthropocene. By 2050 the landscapes will be degraded even more.

New fuel from CO2 can slow climate change

27 June, 2018 – 27 June, 2018 – New fuel from CO2, the source of all fossil fuels, can help to slow climate change. And maybe the carbon dioxide would not need burying for so long.

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