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UK nuclear industry has a sinking feeling

4 October, 2018 – Officially the UK nuclear industry is going ahead with building a new generation of power stations. But it can’t find anyone to pay for them.

Warmer climate means US faces big losses

3 October, 2018 – Greenhouse gas emissions impose a social cost – in ecosystem damage, in climate extremes, in human health and wealth. The US faces big losses.

Climate strategy needs tailoring to poorest

10 August, 2018 – Climate change presents a dilemma. Inaction means ultimate catastrophe. But before then an ill-considered climate strategy could harm the poorest even more.

Smarter renewables open up new markets

9 July, 2018 – The need to stop global warming in its tracks has spurred the growth of two smarter renewables that are helping to reshape the electricity industry.

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