Brazil’s recession grows as emissions rise

14 November, 2017 – Uniquely among major economies, Brazil’s recession has left 13 million workers jobless while its carbon emissions continue to grow.

Climate refugees move up the agenda

4 November, 2017 – One government is considering easing the path for climate refugees to gain admission, and the United Nations is also reviewing ways to help them.

Wind farm India renewable

US and India’s renewable riches

27 September, 2017 – Used wisely, the plentiful renewable resources in India and the US could make both countries wealthier while protecting the health of their people.

rising temperatures

Rising temperatures cut economic output

4 September, 2017 − Heat-Shield study shows that rising temperatures will affect the health and productivity of workers in Europe as well as in the world’s hottest regions.

City trees boost health and wealth

29 August, 2017 – Capital city trees could deliver even more capital. Green fingers could convert urban grime into folding money and combat global warming at the same time.

Overlooked flood risks put many in danger

27 August, 2017 – Governments and insurance companies are failing to educate people on how to avoid flood risks, which are increasing as the climate warms.

Swiss trees swelter as climate warms

16 August, 2017 – Foresters are being urged to plant tree species resilient to climate change to save the timber industry as Swiss trees swelter.

Paying for forests has multiple benefits

6 August, 2017 – Paying for forests conserves a vital world resource. But somebody must pay the locals a tangible share of the intangible global gains.

Asia can gain by welcoming refugees

2 August, 2017 – Welcoming refugees instead of seeing them as a drain on national economies could offer huge opportunities to Asian countries’ private sectors.

Fossil fuel subsidies are dwarfed by health cost

31 July, 2017 – The fossil fuel subsidies paid to the industry that exploits them is a fraction of their cost to people’s health in the rich world.

More investors will spurn fossil fuels

30 July, 2017 – Oil and gas shares offer diminishing returns, and more investors will spurn fossil fuels, though finding a new home for their money is not easy.