Extinction gathers pace as species vanish

12 July, 2017 – Planet Earth is undergoing a “great extinction,” researchers say – and we need to worry much more about the annihilation of biology.

Climate change will worsen US poverty

4 July, 2017 – Yet another study has exposed the cruel cost of climate change as it increases US poverty. It could be worse than the Great Recession.

Hydrogen fuel reaches lift-off

1 July, 2017 – Using surplus electricity from renewables to make hydrogen fuel is starting a new era for all forms of heavy transport.

Warming puts Ethiopia’s coffee in peril

28 June, 2017 – Climate change could take the steam out of Ethiopia’s coffee business. But espresso-addicts need not despair, say plant scientists.

World food trade runs chokepoint gauntlet

27 June, 2017 – A group of physical chokepoints – roads, ports and waterways – could disrupt the flow of world food trade, with drastic consequences.

Money runs short for nuclear energy’s survival

24 June, 2017 – Renewable fuels are challenging nuclear energy’s survival everywhere, and financing new reactors is growing increasingly difficult.

Sustainability revolution keeps Taliban at bay

18 June – The winners of an annual worldwide competition to spread clean energy have been urged to see it as a sustainability revolution.

States and industries face more climate court action

15 June, 2017 – Campaigners are increasingly using climate court action to press governments and corporations to fulfil their obligations to combat climate change.

Solar tower power is on the rise

11 June, 2017 – Solar generation systems can now produce electricity and store it for hours, using solar tower power without any need for batteries.

Warmer climate raises extinction risk

9 June, 2017 – Climate change is multiplying existing threats to much of the natural world, and more species face an unparalleled extinction risk.

Solar lamps light up more African nights

5 June, 2017 – Solar lamps are tackling poverty, ill-health and natural hazards in Africa, thanks to Chinese industry and a UK-based charity.