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More vegetables, less meat for all our sakes

17 January, 2019 − Researchers are clear: the healthy diet for a healthy planet is more vegetables, less meat. What matters is the food that’s served, and the way it’s produced too.

Soil and water carbon stores puzzle science

7 January, 2019 − Under the ice, and deep in the soil, carbon stores maintain a lively traffic. Researchers are teasing out the complexities of greenhouse gases and global warming.

Nine vital signs found for forest health

3 January, 2019 – Forests help to moderate climate change, which can itself affect forest health. Researchers still puzzle over how the canopy affects the global carbon exchange.

Permafrost thaw unsettles the Arctic

1 January, 2019 − Permafrost thaw and retreating Arctic ice don’t just imperil caribou and bears. People, too, may find the ground shifts beneath their feet.

Global warming ‘pause’ never happened

19 December, 2018 − Claims of a global warming ‘pause’ in observed temperatures early this century are unfounded and lack statistical significance, researchers say.

Katowice climate talks run short of time

17 December, 2018 − The annual UN global warming conference is over. Despite some progress, the Katowice climate talks show political action still lags far behind the science.

UK’s dream is now its nuclear nightmare

14 December, 2018 − Nobody knows what to do with a vast uranium and plutonium stockpile built up in the UK by reprocessing spent fuel. It is now a nuclear nightmare.

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