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New Zealand’s wildlife feels the heat

13 March, 2018 – The impacts of climate change – including record heat and intense storms – are now hitting New Zealand’s wildlife. Humans are not the only species affected.

Europe’s cities face a hotter century

26 February, 2018 – British scientists have just issued a detailed hazard forecast for Europe’s cities, for increasing floods, droughts and heatwaves.

Rain and heat extremes set to grow

23 February, 2018 – Millions of people in Asia and Europe can expect fiercer heat extremes, even if the world makes promised emissions cuts.

More reflectivity can cool the world

14 February, 2018 – Think of reflectivity as down-to-earth geoengineering. Some simple actions could make a big difference to city life in the long hot summer.

Global warming gathers pace

13 February, 2018 – The world is getting hotter: during three recent years, the total amount of global warming jumped by a fourth. And cities are getting hotter, too.

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