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Warming world makes noses run

29 May, 2018 – Summer is the worst time for many allergies that make noses run and sufferers feel below par. They’re causing widespread misery just now.

Insects face calamitous habitat loss

21 May, 2018 – Unless nations act fast, habitat loss could rob half of all insects of over half their habitat. Other creatures, too, could suffer in a 3°C warmer world.

Warming planet faces cooling crisis

15 May, 2018 – As climate change warms the Earth, one significant concern is the cooling crisis, the quest for energy-hungry artificial ways to keep ourselves cool.

Tourism’s climate footprint soars

9 May, 2018 – Tourism ‘s climate footprint is formidable. The industry is not just big business, but a big carbon emitter as well, new research finds.

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