Ozone layer recovery falters unexpectedly

6 February, 2018 – The recovery of the damaged ozone layer which protects life on Earth from harmful solar radiation is no longer happening worldwide.

Climate adaptation vital to limit damage so far

5 February, 2018 – The risk of flooding to millions more people in Asia, Europe and North America will rise, demanding climate adaptation for a warmer world.

New risk of atmospheric aerosols as sunscreen

31 January, 2018 – Using atmospheric aerosols to cut global warming is widely condemned as dangerous. It might be even more dangerous to start it and then stop.

Modest warming will raise Europe’s flood risk

30 January, 2018 – Central and western Europe can expect a substantially higher flood risk in the future, even with ambitious cuts in temperature.

Urban forests add to cities’ health and wealth

22 January, 2018 – Planting more urban forests is a simple way not only to improve the health of a city’s people, but to make them wealthier too.

By air, land and sea, global warming rises

19 January, 2018 – Global warming took surface temperatures in 2017 to near-record levels, while the upper oceans reached their hottest known level.

District heating warms cities without fossil fuels

15 January, 2018 – Many cities which endure cold winters are adapting district heating schemes to keep people warm without the use of fossil fuels.

US coal is on the up – for now

11 January, 2018 – Before his election President Trump promised a new age of US coal. But so far the industry’s gains look temporary, and its future remains bleak.

Brazil forgets its solar power potential

27 December, 2017 – Here’s a paradox: in one of the world’s sunniest countries, the Brazilian government remains lukewarm about its solar power potential, despite its plummeting costs.

Humidity is the real heatwave threat

24 December, 2017 – It’s not just the extreme temperature a heatwave brings that’s the problem, but the humidity from its burden of water vapour.

Warming drives climate refugees to Europe

21 December, 2017 – Immigration, already a highly controversial topic in Europe, is set to grow as many more climate refugees head for the continent.