Brazil’s recession grows as emissions rise

14 November, 2017 – Uniquely among major economies, Brazil’s recession has left 13 million workers jobless while its carbon emissions continue to grow.

Worse climate change in the offing

13 November, 2017 – The prospect of the Earth overheating dangerously has come closer, with scientists warning that worse climate change will soon affect the planet.

Carbon emissions set to rise in 2017

13 November, 2017 – Global carbon emissions look likely to increase this year, putting at risk the hope of meeting the world’s agreement to slow global warming.

Geo-engineering can work – if the world wants it

10 November, 2017 – Geo-engineering can stop the Earth warming, at least in theory, scientists say, but doubts persist over the possible risks.

2017 among the three warmest years recorded

6 November, 2017 – The World Meteorological Organisation says 2017 is among the three warmest years recorded, with human wellbeing facing mounting risks.

Ancient Antarctic explains today’s warming world

3 November, 2017 – Painstaking and detailed study of the ancient Antarctic shows US-based scientists how natural and human causes affect the climate very differently.

Forests can bring 1.5°C Paris target closer

2 November, 2017 – Protecting the world’s forests could achieve a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions cuts needed to meet the 1.5°C Paris target, scientists say.

Land use can achieve 30% of carbon cuts by 2030

1 November, 2017 – Rethinking land use, the way we exploit, manage and neglect the land, could achieve about a third of the carbon reduction needed in the next decade.

Prepare for a world 3°C warmer in 80 years

31 October, 2017 – The UN expects a world 3°C warmer by 2100, even if countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions as they promised in 2015.

Electric bus was killed off 100 years ago

30 October,2017 – The electric bus and other vehicles could have been running in London over a century ago, if fraudsters had not stifled clean urban transport at birth.

Rising seas may bring more superstorms

27 October, 2017 – Superstorms as severe as Sandy, the monster which swamped New York City in 2012, could become more frequent because of rising sea levels.