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UK’s dream is now its nuclear nightmare

14 December, 2018 − Nobody knows what to do with a vast uranium and plutonium stockpile built up in the UK by reprocessing spent fuel. It is now a nuclear nightmare.

UK nuclear industry has a sinking feeling

4 October, 2018 – Officially the UK nuclear industry is going ahead with building a new generation of power stations. But it can’t find anyone to pay for them.

Sun-powered golden sandwich boosts energy

20 September, 2018 – In two decades solar cells have spread worldwide. Now a sun-powered golden sandwich promises to make them at least 10 times more efficient.

Wind and solar power can green the desert

19 September, 2018 – Cover enough ground with wind turbines and solar panels, and you change the local climate, green the desert and could even boost the Sahara’s rainfall.

Clean energy can provide 100% of electricity

12 September, 2018 – All the electricity the world needs can come from clean energy, reliably and throughout the year, British researchers say, at any time of day or night.

Forests cut warming better than technology

11 September, 2018 – Biofuels are no easy answer to climate change. Nor is storing captured carbon dioxide. The world’s great forests cut warming better than engineered solutions can.

Small modular reactors have little appeal

27 July, 2018 – The last hope of the nuclear industry for competing with renewables is small modular reactors, but despite political support their future looks bleak.

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