Life-saving fossil fuel phase-out can work

25 August, 2017 – A pollution-free world driven by renewable energy is possible, say scientists with a plan for a fossil fuel phase-out for 139 countries.

US nuclear might rests on civil reactors

23 August, 2017 – Experts say there can be no US nuclear might without a large civil atomic industry to prop up the military.

New generation nuclear designs remain elusive

10 August, 2017 – New generation nuclear power stations that produce cheap electricity and less waste always seem about to appear, but so far they have not materialised.

Nuclear revival is set to falter

4 August, 2017 – Hopes of a nuclear revival to combat climate change have been dashed as another prestige project runs into trouble.

Women take control of solar revolution

1 August, 2017 – The solar revolution is reaching the remotest parts of the world and changing the lives of women otherwise trapped in poverty.

Free football lures energy workers to renewables

15 July, 2017 Redundant North Sea energy workers are offered free football tickets to build revolutionary new electricity storage systems.

Hydrogen fuel reaches lift-off

1 July, 2017 – Using surplus electricity from renewables to make hydrogen fuel is starting a new era for all forms of heavy transport.

Amazon dams plan is set to cost the Earth

29 June, 2017 – It’s one thing to harness a river. It’s quite another to build a series of Amazon dams and control the life of the planet’s richest habitat.

Money runs short for nuclear energy’s survival

24 June, 2017 – Renewable fuels are challenging nuclear energy’s survival everywhere, and financing new reactors is growing increasingly difficult.

Natural gas can’t help to curb climate change

22 June, 2017 – Too much reliance on natural gas to generate electricity means the Paris climate target will be missed and money wasted on underused pipelines.

Energy major warns of falling fossil fuel demand

21 June, 2017 – One of the world’s biggest energy companies sees problems ahead with falling fossil fuel demand and huge growth in renewables.