Hydrogen fuel reaches lift-off

1 July, 2017 – Using surplus electricity from renewables to make hydrogen fuel is starting a new era for all forms of heavy transport.

Amazon dams plan is set to cost the Earth

29 June, 2017 – It’s one thing to harness a river. It’s quite another to build a series of Amazon dams and control the life of the planet’s richest habitat.

Money runs short for nuclear energy’s survival

24 June, 2017 – Renewable fuels are challenging nuclear energy’s survival everywhere, and financing new reactors is growing increasingly difficult.

Natural gas can’t help to curb climate change

22 June, 2017 – Too much reliance on natural gas to generate electricity means the Paris climate target will be missed and money wasted on underused pipelines.

Energy major warns of falling fossil fuel demand

21 June, 2017 – One of the world’s biggest energy companies sees problems ahead with falling fossil fuel demand and huge growth in renewables.

Solar power can save US lives and money

19 June, 2017 – Sunshine can save lives and American dollars too. US scientists have just worked out how many lives, and at what price, solar power can deliver.

Sustainability revolution keeps Taliban at bay

18 June – The winners of an annual worldwide competition to spread clean energy have been urged to see it as a sustainability revolution.

Gore spurns Trump on climate change

16 June, 2017 – The US President’s climate policy has backfired says a leading critic, as Al Gore spurns Trump for ditching the Paris Agreement.

Passive housing cuts costs – and global warming

12 June, 2017 – Buildings which heat and cool themselves – passive housing – save householders money by making big fuel economies and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar tower power is on the rise

11 June, 2017 – Solar generation systems can now produce electricity and store it for hours, using solar tower power without any need for batteries.

Solar lamps light up more African nights

5 June, 2017 – Solar lamps are tackling poverty, ill-health and natural hazards in Africa, thanks to Chinese industry and a UK-based charity.