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15 September: Closed for a bit …

 … but not for long. Sorry everyone, but we’re having to stop the presses for a time – we’ve been brought to a halt by ill-health. It’s nothing serious, it shouldn’t last long – but it means we can’t publish anything for the moment. We plan to return on Monday 3 September, full of vim and vigour and with plenty to report. See you then! The Editors PS: We won’t be able to answer emails either for the duration.

Flooded internet is possible by 2035

20 July, 2018 – Information now travels along the internet. But what happens when sea levels rise and leave a flooded internet, its vital cables and traffic hubs under water?

Dinosaurs’ deaths may be guide to today

5 June, 2018 – Evidence from the dinosaurs’ deaths 65 million years ago might just provide a lesson to learn about the lasting damage now being done by humanity.

Long-lived civilisation may be a dream

19 April, 2018 – Astrobiology, the search for alien life, has a lesson for us here on Earth: our hope for a long-lived civilisation may not be sustainable.

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