Nuclear war would set off climate catastrophe

18 July, 2017 – Even a small nuclear war could end global warming. But it would certainly precipitate catastrophic climate change.

World food trade runs chokepoint gauntlet

27 June, 2017 – A group of physical chokepoints – roads, ports and waterways – could disrupt the flow of world food trade, with drastic consequences.

Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

26 June, 2017 – US academics are arguing with ferocity about how to achieve a fossil fuel phase out. But, for now, the debate is entirely academic.

Finding when humans first altered the planet’s geology

10 June, 2017 – Stone Age humans changed a landscape. Then time buried the evidence. Now researchers have unearthed the moment of the earliest human impact on the planet.

Trump’s promises on coal turn to dust and ashes

31 May, 2017 – Candidate Trump’s promises on coal are withering as the harsh winds of economic reality blow the President’s plans for the industry off course.

Food production fertiliser tractors

Food industry is cooking the planet

25 May, 2017 – One of the biggest contributors to climate change is the agricultural food industry, but the political will to tackle the issue is lacking.

Emissions global warming

Warming could exceed 1.5°C limit by 2026

18 May, 2017 – The planet is on course to breach the internationally agreed warming limit of 1.5°C within 10 years, according to new research from Australia.


Eyes show that stress reduces climate concern

14 May, 2017 – An eye-tracking study shows that stress levels affect how much attention people pay to climate change imagery, even if they are supportive of environmental issues.

Ocean scene

Ocean oxygen decline greater than predicted

10 May, 2017 – Circulation changes caused by warming waters and melting polar ice are the most probable explanations for the rapidly falling levels of oxygen in the ocean.

Kurdish freedom fighters change

Humans better at rapid change than we think

3 May, 2017 – A new study provides evidence that humans are capable of radically changing the world around us, and offers hope in the face of climate change.

American flood climate refugees

American climate refugees could flee inland

27 April, 2017 – The population of inland cities in America will alter drastically if predictions of dramatic sea level rises by 2100 are correct, new report suggests.