Electric bus was killed off 100 years ago

30 October,2017 – The electric bus and other vehicles could have been running in London over a century ago, if fraudsters had not stifled clean urban transport at birth.

Life-saving fossil fuel phase-out can work

25 August, 2017 – A pollution-free world driven by renewable energy is possible, say scientists with a plan for a fossil fuel phase-out for 139 countries.

Climate change is triple risk to Europe

13 August, 2017 – New studies confirm climate change’s triple risk to Europe. The heat is on, lives are at risk and the floods are arriving earlier.

Nutrition will suffer as warming affects diet

5 August, 2017 – By 2050, heat waves, floods and other climate change effects won’t be the only worry. There’s also the evidence that warming affects diet.

Warmer, wetter world faces lethal future

3 August, 2017 – The thermometer rises, the air becomes saturated, and the warmer, wetter world turns potentially lethal. By 2100, billions could be in danger.

Fossil fuel subsidies are dwarfed by health cost

31 July, 2017 – The fossil fuel subsidies paid to the industry that exploits them is a fraction of their cost to people’s health in the rich world.

Rising vineyard heat hits grape pickers

22 July, 2017 – As the heat rises, output flags. European scientists have measured every second of a working day as the vineyard heat hits grape pickers.

Sweden blazes trail to electric cars

17 July, 2017 – The growing popularity of electric cars leads one major European manufacturer to a sharp cut in fossil fuel-driven vehicle production. 

Climate refugees will search hard for homes

30 June, 2017 – Where can the climate refugees go, if 2 billion are driven away by rising tides, and the interior available becomes ever more inhospitable?

Organic farming may not cut climate risk

25 June, 2017 – Organic farming does not always benefit the environment in the ways people expect, and may not avert climate change effects, scientists say.

High-flying insects expand Ethiopia’s malaria zone

23 June, 2017 – In a warming world new opportunities open up for disease-bearing mosquitoes, spreading Ethiopia’s malaria zone to higher altitudes.