Sweden blazes trail to electric cars

17 July, 2017 – The growing popularity of electric cars leads one major European manufacturer to a sharp cut in fossil fuel-driven vehicle production. 

Climate refugees will search hard for homes

30 June, 2017 – Where can the climate refugees go, if 2 billion are driven away by rising tides, and the interior available becomes ever more inhospitable?

Organic farming may not cut climate risk

25 June, 2017 – Organic farming does not always benefit the environment in the ways people expect, and may not avert climate change effects, scientists say.

High-flying insects expand Ethiopia’s malaria zone

23 June, 2017 – In a warming world new opportunities open up for disease-bearing mosquitoes, spreading Ethiopia’s malaria zone to higher altitudes.

Lethal heatwaves will menace most of us by 2100

20 June, 2017 – Without drastic action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, potentially lethal heatwaves will threaten most people by the century’s end.

Climate change causes killer heatwaves

14 June, 2017 – As average summer temperatures rise in the tropics, so do the risks of mass death from killer heatwaves, climate scientists find.

Passive housing cuts costs – and global warming

12 June, 2017 – Buildings which heat and cool themselves – passive housing – save householders money by making big fuel economies and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Urban heat islands leave cities sweltering

1 June, 2017 – Many city dwellers face a hotter future than their suburban and rural peers because the urban heat island effect can double city temperature increases.


World’s vanishing glaciers put millions at risk

23 May, 2017 – From the Himalayas to Switzerland, the world’s glaciers are melting – threatening vital water supplies and increasing the risk of sea level rise.

nuclear waste

Nuclear waste problems start gold rush

8 May, 2017 − Staggering sums of money involved in the long-term challenge of solving the world’s nuclear waste problems make it a booming business.

Hangzhou bicycle stand China

Free bicycles reducing pollution in China

24 April, 2017 – Innovative bicycle schemes in China and India are tackling chronic air pollution problems and congestion by encouraging people to stop using cars.