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Geo-engineered crops may help – and harm

13 August, 2018 – To cool the world and also boost plant growth, geo-engineered crops might do the trick. But if they work by dimming the sunlight, the plants will suffer.

Soil microbes speed up global warming

9 August, 2018 – They’re microscopic, but soil microbes play a massive role in the climate machinery. New research suggests they may be warming the world more than ever.

Fish can’t smell well in more acidic seas

1 August, 2018 – If you can’t smell food, you’re in trouble, and it’s worse if you can’t scent danger. More acidic seas could affect fishes’ ability to smell.

Forest carbon emissions are set to grow

30 July, 2018 – The tropical forests could be at growing risk from climate change. And as they die, rising forest carbon emissions could threaten much of the Earth’s life.

Running water sheds light on carbon budget

6 July, 2018 – A surprising stretch of terrestrial rock and soil is actually covered by running water. New measurements could mean new accuracies for climate science.

World atlas traces Earth’s human scar

28 June, 2018 – Yet another global survey has identified the Earth’s human scar, the devastation of the Anthropocene. By 2050 the landscapes will be degraded even more.

Warmer world needs more protected habitat

25 June, 2018 – With climate change soon to be the main threat to biodiversity, protected habitat will be a higher priority than ever to give wildlife a chance.

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