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Iraq’s climate stresses are set to worsen

12 November, 2018 − After years of repression, invasion and conflict, Iraq’s climate stresses now threaten new miseries, including more intense heat and dwindling rainfall.

Flash floods increase as mercury climbs

9 November, 2018 – Heavy rain must fall somewhere. The danger lies in where it falls and on what kind of terrain. As cities grow, the risk of flash floods rises.

Human horde leaves little room for nature

8 November, 2018 – Our species’ planetary advance has been inexorable. The human horde means under a quarter of the world’s land surface now counts as wilderness.

Forest carbon storage puzzles scientists

6 November, 2018 – How forest carbon storage affects climate change is a vital part of scientists’ calculations. But fresh uncertainties keep on sprouting.

UK scientists risk prison to urge action

31 October, 2018 − A group of British scientists and their supporters is willing to risk a prison term to press governments to tackle climate change and environmental crisis.


Flourishing forests pose carbon questions

15 October, 2018 − Conservation of forests is a vital part of the attempt to contain global warming − but thicker growth may not be as helpful as many assume.

Rethink urged for Lovelock’s Gaia Theory

2 October, 2018 – Time for new thinking? Researchers want an upgrade of the Gaia Theory of life on Earth, in an epoch when humans have power, but not understanding.

Warming climate leaves its varied marks

28 September, 2018 – The warming climate is changing the globe: mountain species climb higher, valley floors sink and animal numbers fall, while their living space shrinks.

High-yield farms may save the world

27 September, 2018 – Forget organic agriculture: instead, go for growth, use less land and choose high-yield farms. They may be the best answer to the planet’s needs

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