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Earth bears a massive human load

31 May, 2018 – Gross up the mass of all life on Earth, with the human load a disproportionate share, and the answer is staggeringly heavy. But the uncertainties are huge.

Insects face calamitous habitat loss

21 May, 2018 – Unless nations act fast, habitat loss could rob half of all insects of over half their habitat. Other creatures, too, could suffer in a 3°C warmer world.

Hopes rise for some coral survival

25 April, 2018 – US scientists have good news about prospects for coral survival on one of the world’s great reefs, threatened by climate change.

Erosion may be carbon source, not sink

17 April, 2018 – The links between rock, rainfall and climate control may need revision. Another look at erosion in Taiwan reveals a new set of greenhouse gas sources.

Mountain plants head for the peaks

11 April, 2018 – Mountain plants are heading uphill – with climate change, there seems to be room at the top for more alpine species.

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