2017 among the three warmest years recorded

6 November, 2017 – The World Meteorological Organisation says 2017 is among the three warmest years recorded, with human wellbeing facing mounting risks.

UN climate summit means business

5 November, 2017 – The 2017 UN climate summit may not hit the headlines as some of its predecessors have done, but it can speed up global action.

Climate refugees move up the agenda

4 November, 2017 – One government is considering easing the path for climate refugees to gain admission, and the United Nations is also reviewing ways to help them.

Prepare for a world 3°C warmer in 80 years

31 October, 2017 – The UN expects a world 3°C warmer by 2100, even if countries cut their greenhouse gas emissions as they promised in 2015.

Trump digs coal poster rally

UN: ignore Trump on climate

16 October, 2017 – Three senior UN officials urge the world to redouble efforts to tackle climate change in a powerful rebuff of the scientific illiteracy of President Trump.

Trump abandons science with climate walk-out

2 June, 2017 – President Trump abandons science with his pull-out from the Paris Agreement on climate change, damaging US interests and the Earth.

Climate change parched ground

Climate change legislation sees huge increase

11 May, 2017 – More than 1,200 climate laws have been introduced since 1997, with a sharp rise in the number of countries legislating since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Amazon rainforest trees

Legislators attempt to mine Amazon’s riches

2 March, 2017 – WWF-Brazil fears that a bill to open up more than 1 million hectares of protected Amazon rainforest is to facilitate industrial mining in the region.

May urged to melt Trump’s climate doubts

27 January, 2017 – A British scientist says the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, should try to dispel Donald Trump’s climate doubts at their meeting today.

climate change media

Climate change issues get digital boost

23 January, 2017 – New book analyses how digital media is contributing to coverage of climate change at a time when traditional media is in decline.

climate impacts Fiji

No going back now on climate action

21 November, 2016 − Whatever policies the US comes up with on climate change under the Trump presidency, the rest of the world intends to continue trying to save the planet.