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Warming may mean sea levels 30 cms higher

14 January, 2019 − Warmer oceans mean higher tides, bigger storm surges and heavier rainstorms. With ocean temperatures rising ever faster, sea levels 30 cms higher are possible by 2100.

Ocean warming speeds vary with depth

10 January, 2019 − The world’s oceans are a vast reservoir of heat, a slow register of natural climate change − and ocean warming speeds differ widely.

Human horde leaves little room for nature

8 November, 2018 – Our species’ planetary advance has been inexorable. The human horde means under a quarter of the world’s land surface now counts as wilderness.

How Bangladesh can tackle rising seas

29 October, 2018 − Salt levels in the coastal soils of Bangladesh will grow with the rising seas, putting two-fifths of its farmland at risk. Can farmers stay put?

Human activity leaves diminished oceans

3 August, 2018 – Humankind has already disturbed or degraded six-sevenths of the blue planet, with diminished oceans the result. And that is before the impact of climate change.

Fish can’t smell well in more acidic seas

1 August, 2018 – If you can’t smell food, you’re in trouble, and it’s worse if you can’t scent danger. More acidic seas could affect fishes’ ability to smell.

Alien seaweed arrives in Antarctica

19 July, 2018 – For more than a century, scientists believed that only humans could cross the hostile oceans to reach Antarctica. Some strands of alien seaweed tell another story.

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