High marine extinction risk by 2100

7 October, 2017 – If marine extinction is not a reality for many species by the end of this century, scientists say, it will certainly be a strong probability.

global warming hiatus

Global warming ‘hiatus’ is over

2 October, 2017 – The Pacific Ocean has reached the end of a period of cooler temperatures, signalling the termination of the so-called pause in global warming.

US floods Houston

US faces higher risk of floods

25 September, 2017 − The US Atlantic coast faces the prospect of more frequent floods due to the double whammy of rising sea levels and sinking coastal lands.

Glacial Yukon Canada

Glacial melt will wreck ecosystems

15 September, 2017 – The alarming rate of glacial shrinkage worldwide threatens our current way of life, from biodiversity to tourism, hydropower to clean water supply.

1°C rise Antarctic polar

1°C rise has massive polar impact

11 September, 2017 – ‘Most realistic ocean warming experiment to date’ reveals that even an apparently insignificant rise in temperature doubles the growth of life on Antarctic seabed.

Marine hotspots raise eastern US sea levels

12 August, 2017 – Suddenly marine hotspots are raising sea levels in the eastern US. It may not be a permanent hazard – but it is a warning.

Ocean oxygen depletion could happen again

11 August, 2017 – The deep past has cruel lessons for the near future, for example how ocean oxygen depletion can stifle the marine world. It could recur.

Ocean warmth predicts US drought and fire risk

29 July, 2017 – Ocean cycles help to determine US drought and fire risk in several western states, with global warming adding to their severity.

Plastics leave permanent indestructible legacy

24 July, 2017 – Timber rots, cement crumbles, metal corrodes: plastics are there for ever. By 2050 there could be 12 billion tonnes in the world’s landfills.

Warmer Arctic means stormier Arctic

23 July, 2017 – Balmy moments are happening more often in the Arctic winter. Blame this warmer Arctic on stormy weather, say scientists.

Icebergs freeze climate research plans

17 June – Canadian scientists have to think again as unusual Arctic warmth puts shipping at risk and icebergs freeze climate research plans.