Plastics leave permanent indestructible legacy

24 July, 2017 – Timber rots, cement crumbles, metal corrodes: plastics are there for ever. By 2050 there could be 12 billion tonnes in the world’s landfills.

Warmer Arctic means stormier Arctic

23 July, 2017 – Balmy moments are happening more often in the Arctic winter. Blame this warmer Arctic on stormy weather, say scientists.

Icebergs freeze climate research plans

17 June – Canadian scientists have to think again as unusual Arctic warmth puts shipping at risk and icebergs freeze climate research plans.

US cities face growing flood risks

13 June, 2017 – As the seas rise, US cities can expect a varied flood risk: some will have more of the worst floods, others more frequent familiar inundations.

Marine reserves protect against warming climate

7 June, 2017 – Marine reserves can give protection against the impacts of climate change to both sea life and land-dwelling species, including humans.

Ronne-Filchner ice shelf

Antarctic warming threatens vast ice shelf

22 May, 2017 – The world’s second largest ice shelf is in danger of shrinking dramatically within a few decades as the Southern Ocean continues to warm.

Ocean scene

Ocean oxygen decline greater than predicted

10 May, 2017 – Circulation changes caused by warming waters and melting polar ice are the most probable explanations for the rapidly falling levels of oxygen in the ocean.

Oceans algae Dinophysis

Stark warning on health of oceans

4 May 2017 – A combination of acidification and global warming could be turning oceans toxic and threatens to destabilise the balance of marine life, say US marine scientists.

nitrite pollution

Nitrite pollution puts warming waters at risk

30 April, 2017 – Nitrite pollution caused by rising temperatures is changing the chemistry of coastal waters, threatening more algal blooms and zones devoid of fish.

Coral reefs Molokini crater near Maui

Sea floor erosion causes coral reefs to sink

28 April, 2017 – Five US coral reefs are sinking beneath the waves due to the erosion of the sea floor, robbing coastal communities of their natural storm barrier.

American flood climate refugees

American climate refugees could flee inland

27 April, 2017 – The population of inland cities in America will alter drastically if predictions of dramatic sea level rises by 2100 are correct, new report suggests.