Moss on Antarctic Peninsula

Climate change is turning Antarctic green

27 May, 2017 – Plant life is flourishing on the Antarctic Peninsula, indicating a dramatic increase in the rate of warming due to climate change.


Ice Memory quest heads to threatened glacier

21 May, 2017 – The second expedition to drill cores of ice from glaciers most at risk from climate change is to Illimani in Bolivia. The scientists’ aim is to create an ice archive that can be studied by future generations.

Ice - Earth won't freeze

Why Earth will never freeze over

29 April, 2017 – The discovery of a biological mechanism that halts rapid global cooling suggests the Earth can protect itself from a complete deep freeze.

Antarctica waterfall

Surface of Antarctica swimming with water

22 April, 2017 – The system of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes across Antarctica has been mapped for the first time, and the extent of water flow is phenomenal.

Greenland ice

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

15 April, 2017 – Coastal glaciers in terminal decline as Greenland ice melts into the ocean and threatens to raise sea levels by the end of the century.

Arctic sea ice polar

Polar sea ice reaches record low

30 March, 2017 – NASA scientists say that in the last six months the world has lost an area of polar sea ice that is bigger than Mexico.

China beijing air pollution

China pollution haze linked to climate change

22 March, 2017 – Research shows that polar warming could explain the episode of severe winter air pollution Beijing experienced in 2013, and says China has more to come.

Arctic sea ice

Humans cause up to 70% of sea ice loss

17 March, 2017 – Research into natural causes of summer loss of Arctic sea ice reveals human responsibility for drastic changes to the region’s ecology.

Regular Ice Age pattern shows how we got here

LONDON, 5 March, 2017 – How much summer sunlight strikes the Earth’s far north helps to reveal when an Ice Age will occur, scientists say, aiding understanding of human history.

Labrador Sea Atlantic

Stark warning on Atlantic cooling

24 February, 2017 – Climatologists say there is an almost 50% chance the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean will cool rapidly within a single decade by 2100.

ice loss canada

Canada’s glacial ice loss raises sea level

17 February, 2017 – Dramatic increase in ice loss from the Arctic glaciers of Canada’s northernmost archipelago is now a major contributor to sea level rise.