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Follow the Climate News Network at COP21 in Paris

The Climate News Network will be attending the Conference of the Parties (COP) in Paris throughout the talks, to bring you news and expert analysis of what the negotiators are saying, and what it means for the world. We will also be hosting a journalist training workshop for developing world correspondents who may not have access to the latest views and science on global warming, or may be attending a COP for the first time.

Through our daily stories, we will keep you up to date with news from conference, during which world leaders will enter discussions to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. On this page, we will collect our daily stories and other relevant information on the negotiations, so we hope you’ll keep an eye on it.

Training resources from our workshop

Find resources from our journalist training workshop, held Dec 1-3 at COP21, below.

COP21 daily stories:

Dec 13: Cold water poured on warming pause
Dec 12: Euphoria as Paris finally seals the deal
Dec 12: Tibetan threat to vital water
Dec 11: ‘Blind-eye’ leaders won’t halt warming
Dec 11: Climate finance still stalls Paris deal
Dec 11: Heat of the night’s carbon threat
Dec 10: Carbon levy mooted for big fossil fuel firms
Dec 10: US town faces watery end from rising sea
Dec 10: Heat saps trees’ beneficial effect
Dec 9: Ice melt highlights Inuit plight
Dec 9: Climate heads for irreversible change
Dec 8: India faces trillion-dollar climate squeeze
Dec 8: Nobel laureates’ climate tragedy alert
Dec 7: Wise words rise from climate disasters
Dec 6: Scientists post extreme weather warning
Dec 6: Climate is the culprit for Chennai floods, says India
Dec 5: Paris summit hears call to move beyond words
Dec 5: Saudis still hooked on oil habit
Dec 4: Positive vibes flow at climate talks
Dec 4: Energy game-changers look to future
Dec 3: Coal plant plans raise climate risk
Dec 3: Money row may sink climate talks
Dec 2: Climate change threatens US influence
Dec 2: India highlights rich-poor climate split
Dec 1: Corporate clout backs climate deniers
Nov 30: Forest destruction can be cut in half
Nov 29: Planet’s future hangs on Paris legacy
Nov 28: Records reveal warming’s first warning
Nov 27: UN counts climate’s human cost

Resources for journalists:

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